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UK Consumer Digital Index 2016

Lloyds Bank launches the first UK Consumer Digital Index which analyses the relationship between consumers’ digital and financial capability.

Lloyds Banking Group – intended share offer by HM Treasury

For information about the Government’s intention to launch a share offer for Lloyds Banking Group shares to the general public in the coming months visit their website www.gov.uk/lloydsshares.

The timing of the offer will be kept under review by HM Treasury in light of market conditions. The offer will be managed by HM Treasury on behalf of the Government who will determine the structure and price of the offer. Any investment decision should be based on information in the prospectus to be published if and when an offer is launched.

Lloyds Bank Welsh language policy

At Lloyds Bank, we have created a single unified brand that puts our customers first. Our Welsh language policy outlines the bilingual support we provide for our Welsh-speaking customers.

Welsh language policy (Welsh version)

Welsh language policy (English version)

Lloyds Bank accessibility policy

We’re committed to providing a website that is accessible to all of our customers and we adhere sensibly and practically to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. These are produced by the World Wide Web Consortium, the web’s governing body, and provide a set of checkpoints designed to ensure that websites are designed and written properly.

Money Manager

A free, easy-to-use Internet Banking service that introduces a way of keeping track of your money.

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