Equality and diversity

Our approach to diversity

Our commitment to diversity starts from the top of the organisation. Our Group Executive Committee signs off our diversity strategy.

We know that our success as a business depends on being sensitive to the needs of customers and employees from diverse groups.

We want to create an environment where all staff can contribute to our success regardless of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion. We achieve this by positive action initiatives for under-represented groups and a range of diversity awareness training for our managers. We constantly review the impacts of our programme.

In this section we’ll tell you more about our work on diversity as an employer and service provider. This work continues as we recognise that there is still more to do.

Please open the accordions below to find out more about our programme.

The foundation of our diversity programme is our policy on dignity at work. Respecting and appreciating our different backgrounds and beliefs will help make Lloyds Bank a great organisation for our customers to do business and for our employees to work.

Helping our employees’ to get their work-life balance right is a priority. All employees can apply to work flexibly via our Work Options policy. Requests that don’t have an adverse impact will be agreed.

Around a third of our staff have a flexible working arrangement. These include part-time working, compressed hours, variable hours and job sharing.

We also have policies in place to support working parents and carers including.

  • Up to 63 weeks parental leave for new parents who are the main carer.
  • Additional parental leave of up to 13 weeks in the child’s first five years.
  • Compassionate & Emergency leave for urgent family situations.

Our disability programme is built on the social model of disability – the belief that society not disability creates barriers for disabled people. If you have a disability, please let us know and we’ll work with you in the following ways:

  • We provide a case managed reasonable adjustment programme. Our aim is to put in place adjustments that meet your needs and help you remain effective in your role.
  • We have a unique Personal Development Programme for disabled staff, a three day course led by one of the UK’s top disability consultants.
  • Access to disabled mentors.
  • A network for disabled employees (Access), which provides networking opportunities and an on-line chat room.

We also support managers of disabled staff via disability awareness training and specialist HR advice.

In 2007 Lloyds Bank's disability programme was ranked first out of 116 organisations by the Employers Forum on Disability.

For disabled customers our section on accessibility details the services and support available.

Lloyds Bank are the top employer for LGB people in the UK, and our best practice sexual orientation strategy was awarded first place in the 2009 Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. The Index evaluates lesbian, gay and bisexual equality in the workplace with more than 300 UK public and private sector employers participating.

We endeavour to create an environment where all employees can be themselves and feel supported, irrespective of their actual or perceived sexuality. We continue to shape our culture by challenging inappropriate or unsupportive activities & behaviour and we are totally committed to leading by example. To demonstrate this commitment, our work has led to the following:

  • Same sex partners receive the same entitlements as heterosexual partner.
  • Sexual orientation forms an important part of diversity training for business leaders and front-line staff.
  • Our staff policies & benefit entitlements are fully inclusive of LGB partnerships.
  • Our customer products are fully inclusive of LGB partnerships and are wholly compliant with the Civil Partnership Act and the Sexual Orientation Goods and Services Regulations.
  • LGB staff can select a mentor with knowledge/experience of LGB issues.
  • An LGB staff network.
  • Regular employee research to help further inform our sexual orientation strategy.

We’ve worked over many years to achieve greater gender equality in Lloyds Bank:

  • The number of women managers has almost doubled between 1998 and today.
  • In October 2006, Lloyds Bank was awarded a place in The Times/Aurora Where Women Want to Work Top 50.
  • We have a thriving Women’s Network that provides networking and personal development opportunities.

Our work on race began with detailed research of our ethnic minority employees’ career experiences. As a result we have put in place several initiatives:

  • Ethnic minority mentors.
  • A Group Ethnic Minority (GEM) network that provides networking and personal development opportunities.

As a result of these initiatives the number of ethnic minority managers has more than trebled since 1998.

Lloyds Bank is a member of Race for Opportunity (RfO) an organisation of 150 businesses that puts forward the business case for race. Lloyds Bank came first in the RfO’s annual benchmarking exercise in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

We also have an Asian Business Strategy with dedicated relationship managers for Asian businesses in some areas of the UK. Our India Banking Service enables customers to send money to India without paying commission. We are also current sponsors of the Asian Jewel Awards and the Asian Women of Achievement Awards.

Our customers and employees are drawn from people from many faiths and none. We respect these differences and provide supporting guidance to all line managers. Employment initiatives include the provision of prayer rooms on request.

We have also launched Islamic Financial Services. We provide current accounts, mortgages, savings accounts and business accounts that enable customers to bank according to Shariah principles.


We recruit, train and promote people on merit not age. We are a member of the Employers’ Forum on Age.

We have reviewed our approach to retirement and staff can now take flexible retirement options from the age of 55. Staff have the right to work until age 65 and can ask to work beyond.


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