Text alerts

Our free text message alerts service delivers account updates direct to your mobile phone, so you have yet another way of keeping track of your finances. You can:

  • get account balances and transaction information sent to your mobile
  • sign up for daily or weekly alerts
  • receive alerts free of charge*.

If you're not yet registered for Internet Banking, you’ll need to sign up before registering for text alerts.

If you are registered for Internet Banking, register for text alerts by logging on and selecting 'text alerts' from the right-hand menu.

Features and benefits of text alerts

  • Get daily updates, from Monday to Friday, or weekly account updates on a day that you choose via text message to your mobile phone – sent between 7am and 10am.
  • View your balance and up to six of your latest transactions in each text message.
  • Choose which business accounts you receive text alerts for.
  • Nominate another user to receive your texts.

Text Alert terms and conditions

Get started online

Our registration process is quick, easy and secure.

If you’ve already registered and would like to sign up for the service, simply click on ‘Manage payment control’ in the right hand menu from your account overview page.