ClickSafe® is a free service that gives you extra protection when you use your business credit, debit and charge cards to shop online. It is also known as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard® SecureCode’.

Features and benefits

  • Get extra protection when you use your business debit, credit and charge cards to make online payments.
  • Reduce the chances of someone using your card details to buy items fraudulently over the internet.
  • Receive this free service automatically as part of our commitment to helping you stay secure online.

ClickSafe® assesses each online transaction you make using your business credit, debit and charge cards. It either verifies the payment automatically, or asks you for additional information to make sure you are indeed the card owner.

ClickSafe® provides you with extra security when you purchase goods and services online. It is not intended to verify or endorse websites (or the goods and services offered on those websites) which offer the service. Please read these conditions carefully before using this service. These conditions should be read in conjunction with ‘Your Banking Relationship with us ’ – Personal Banking terms and conditions and/or any other terms and conditions specific to your Account. For commercial accounts these conditions should be read in conjunction with the business cardholder conditions for the card and the agreement between the business and the Bank under which the cards are issued to the business cardholders.

  • 1. Meaning of some words in this agreement

    • 'Account': for personal accounts this means your account for which you have a personal credit or debit card. For commercial accounts this means the account held by the Business with us to which all debit and/or credit/charge cards transactions are debited.
    • 'Business': the business at whose request the debit or credit/charge card has been issued to the business cardholder.
    • 'Business cardholder': the individual to whom a debit or credit/charge card has been issued on the accounts.
    • 'Service': the secure electronic payment service for card transactions online provided by EMC Computer Systems (UK) Ltd or EMC Information Systems International for Ireland on our behalf.
    • 'Security codes': card information, memorable information or other information we use to check your identity.
    • We/us/our/Bank: Lloyds Bank plc.
    • You/your: for personal accounts this means the account holder. For commercial accounts held by a sole trader, you/your means the sole trader and any other business cardholder on such accounts. For any other type of commercial customer, 'you/your' means the business cardholder.
  • 2. Using this service

    When you use ClickSafe®, both these conditions and your account conditions will apply. If they contradict each other, the relevant condition in your account conditions will apply.

    All Lloyds Bank card accounts participate in this service. It is not a requirement to register for the service prior to using your card online. The service will assess each transaction and will only be invoked in situations where authentication is required due to the assessed risk of the transaction.

    When making a purchase online and authentication is required, you will see a pop up in a new window. You will then be asked to complete some security questions to authenticate your identity. When you have successfully completed the security questions your purchase will be processed.

    In a small percentage of high risk transactions the authentication process may not be invoked and the authentication request may be denied. Should this occur contact numbers to our fraud contact centre will be provided to allow genuine transactions to proceed.

    Some software may not allow pop-ups. If you have this software installed you must disable it or change the settings to allow pop-ups for Lloyds Bank.

  • 3. Security

    We will check your identity before we can accept any instructions from you or discuss your accounts. To use the service you may need to use security codes.

    You must:

    • not let anyone else know or use your security codes
    • not write down your security codes
    • take all reasonable steps to ensure your security codes stay secret.

    If you think someone knows your security codes or may be accessing your account or the service without your authority you must notify us immediately. You should check statements we send you and let us know urgently about any errors.

  • 4. Instructions

    As long as we have been given your security codes, we are entitled to assume we are dealing with you and will:

    • act on (and you will be bound by) all instructions
    • allow access to confidential information we hold about you and your accounts, without getting further confirmation from you.

    However, you/the business will not be liable for any instructions you do not give yourself, unless we can prove you were acting fraudulently or without reasonable care (for example if you do not tell us as soon as you think someone knows your security codes or is accessing your account without your authority or you broke your obligations in condition three).

  • 5. Personal information

    We will collect certain personal information from you for verification and security purposes, which we will pass on to EMC Computer Systems (UK) Ltd or EMC Information Systems for Ireland who is carrying out this service on our behalf.

    Your security codes will not be passed on to online retailers participating in this service.

    We may give the police or any prosecuting or regulatory authority any information they need if we think it will help them find out if someone else is using your security codes.

    For further details about how we use your personal information please see ‘Your Banking Relationship with us ’ – Personal Banking terms and conditions and/or any other terms and conditions specific to your account. For business accounts, see the 'personal and business data' section of the terms and conditions which apply to the business current accounts and/or debit or credit/charge cards.

  • 6. Protection of software

    By using this service you will not acquire any ownership rights, title or interest in or to the software made available to you.

    You must not:

    • do anything which may damage, interfere with or disrupt the software or the way it is provided; or
    • display, alter or use any trademarks without the owner's prior written permission.
  • 7. Ending your use of the service

    We may end the service immediately if you close your account/s or you no longer have any cards registered for the service or, by telling you personally and giving you 30 days notice.

    We may also suspend or end the service immediately or decline to follow an instruction if we think:

    • there is a breach of security or we are uncertain whether an instruction is valid (but, please note, we are not bound to check whether an instruction is valid)
    • you have broken an agreement you have with us
    • you are not eligible for an account or service
    • we reasonably think you or someone else is using or has obtained, or may use or obtain, the service illegally, fraudulently or improperly
    • there is a legal requirement or a court or other authority tells us to act in that way.

    If we do take action, we will act in a manner we reasonably think is proportionate in the circumstances and will tell you before doing so, if we can reasonably do so.

    This service may be ended without notice if such action is required by Visa International Services Association or MasterCard® International who run the payment systems for the cards used with your account.

  • 8. Changes to these conditions

    We may change any terms of this agreement. We will tell you personally at least 30 days before we make a change to your disadvantage. We can make any other changes straight away by telling you personally or publishing them on our website.

    This service may be changed without notice if such action is required by Visa International Services Association or MasterCard® International who run the payment systems for the cards used with your account.

  • 9. General information

    When we tell you personally about a change we will do so by letter, email or any other way by which communications are sent to you individually.

    You can usually use the service at any time but repairs, updates and routine maintenance to our systems and those of our suppliers mean the service may be slow or unavailable from time to time. We will not be liable if the service is unavailable at any time for these reasons.

    This service and these conditions are governed by English law. Any disputes arising from this site shall be resolved by the English courts, unless you can show you accessed the site from Scotland in which case the Scottish courts may be used.

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