Lending appeals

The right type of funding can play a vital role in helping your business reach its potential. If your lending application is declined, we will work with the British Bankers’ Association to pursue any raised appeals.

  • How to make an appeal

    If your application is declined, contact your relationship manager or usual adviser and tell them you wish to appeal. You need to appeal within 30 calendar days of the date of the decline letter.

    Alternatively, complete our online appeal form.

    You also have the right to appeal if you’re unhappy with the conditions relating to agreed lending; such as the need to provide security, regular financial trading information or up-to-date property valuations.

    Appeals can only be submitted before your business draws down on its credit facility. The proposed costs of agreed lending cannot be appealed, such as interest rates, fees and costs, or the standard terms and conditions. An appeal cannot be made after funds have been drawn down.

  • Acknowledgement and appeal outcome

    We’ll write to your business to confirm the appeal has been received and what you can expect to happen next.

    The appeal will be reviewed by a specialist in the lending appeals team. This team is not involved in the original lending application process.

    They will:

    • take an impartial and unbiased view of the information you provided in the first application and how the decision was reached
    • contact your business to clarify queries that arise from the review or to ask for additional information if needed
    • aim to contact your business within 30 calendar days of receipt of the appeal to inform you of the outcome
    • commit to resolve 90 per cent of appeals within 15 working days.

    For upheld appeals, your relationship manager will process the lending application. Your business will also receive a goodwill payment of £150 to recognise the successful appeal.

    If the appeal is not upheld, your relationship manager will continue to work with your business to present a stronger lending application in the future, and recommend support and guidance.

  • What is the appeals process?

    You can appeal the declined decision and have it independently reviewed by a specialist in our lending appeals team. You also have the right to appeal conditions relating to the requested lending, but not the proposed costs of lending, such as interest rates, fees and costs, or the standard terms and conditions.

    Go to the Better Business Finance website for more information about the appeals process.

  • For which products and circumstances can I appeal a decision?

    You can appeal any business borrowing facility such as loans, overdrafts, commercial mortgages, Credit Cards and Charge Cards, invoice financing, asset finance and trade finance.

    You can appeal following any formally declined lending decision. An application is considered formal when we receive the correct information that enables us to make a decision, in line with the finance application checklist.

    If your appeal is submitted relating to lending condition(s), this could delay how long it takes to put in place the lending facility; however, we aim to deal with 90 per cent of all appeals within 30 days of receipt.

    Requesting an appeal does not guarantee a decline decision will be overturned.

  • How much time do I have to appeal a decline decision?

    Your business, or its intermediary, have 30 calendar days from the date of the decline letter to appeal our decision. We have a 30-day maximum because the information provided at the time of the original application can become outdated. In this situation, talk to your relationship manager about a new application.

    If you wish to appeal any of the conditions relating to requested lending, you can do so before signing the lending documentation. You cannot submit appeals if they relate to specific lending conditions after your business draws down on the lending facility.

  • Can I appeal if my lending application is accepted but I do not like the price offered?

    This needs to be discussed with your relationship manager. If you are still unhappy about how your enquiry has been dealt with, then you have the right to pursue a formal complaint.

    Go to our customer support section for more on complaints procedures.

    An appeal is a request to review a declined decision following a formal lending application or where your business is unhappy with the lending conditions associated with an offer.

  • What is the difference between an appeal and a complaint?

    If we decline your lending application, your business can have the decision independently reviewed by another experienced lender within Lloyds Bank.

    Any issues outside the appeals process should be pursued as a complaint through the formal complaints process.

  • Can I appeal a declined decision because of an adverse credit rating?

    Yes. However, this may require a full copy of the credit file from a credit reference agency. We need to see proof that an error has occurred or that the circumstances of the adverse information were exceptional. Agencies hold information that helps lenders establish individuals' credit record.

    Your business is entitled to see all the information any credit agency holds on it. You can access this information by writing to: Experian Limited, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham NG80 7WF. For fee details go to www.experian.co.uk or call 0344 481 0800.

  • If my business is declined because of an automated credit assessment, what are the grounds for appeal?

    You can appeal if you believe we have not taken into account all of your circumstances or, following a discussion with your relationship manager, you feel your application should have been approved. We may contact your business to clarify any queries that may arise from the review or to ask for extra information.

    If your business circumstances have changed significantly since the first application and you would prefer to re-apply, we would be happy to consider a new application.

  • If a lending application is declined does Lloyds Bank automatically review the decision without an appeal?

    No. It’s up to your business to raise the matter for appeal. Our relationship managers often work with credit specialists to ensure they have correctly assessed applications. Complicated lending requests are often reviewed by more than one credit specialist to ensure your application has been fully considered.

  • If, in an initial discussion before formally applying, my relationship manager suggests that my application may not succeed, would I have the right to appeal?

    No. You can only appeal a declined decision following a formal application.

    Our relationship managers are skilled in assessing whether we have the right financial products for your business. They can work with you to present a stronger lending proposition in the future and, if necessary, talk to you about alternative sources of finance and other support.

  • What happens if my appeal is successful and the original decision is overturned?

    We will write to inform you about the outcome of your appeal. If your business is happy for us to proceed, your relationship manager will continue to process your application.

  • If my appeal is unsuccessful, how can Lloyds Bank help me?

    We will write to your business confirming the outcome of your appeal. If circumstances have changed significantly since the time of your original application, we would be happy to consider a new application.

    If this is not the case, we’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together to present a stronger lending proposition in the future.

  • How can I be sure the appeals process works?

    Lloyds Bank adheres fully to the Lending Code standards sponsored by the British Bankers' Association. To ensure our decisions are fair and correct, we are monitored by an independent external reviewer.

  • What is the role of the independent external reviewer?

    The external reviewer provides an independent assessment of the appeals process. They won’t review individual lending decisions or accept appeals directly from customers in the event of a complaint.

    To ensure banks have the correct processes to handle appeals fairly and effectively themselves, the independent external reviewer publishes an annual report, detailing how banks are performing.

  • What role does the Lending Standards Board have in the appeals process?

    The Lending Standards Board monitors and enforces the Lending Code, and ensures participating banks provide a fair deal to their personal and micro-enterprise customers. A micro-enterprise is a business that employs fewer than 10 staff and has a turnover or annual balance sheet that does not exceed the equivalent of €2 million.

Any property given as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other debts secured on it.

All lending is subject to a satisfactory credit assessment and we will need your permission to carry out a credit check on you and your business.

You should not apply for an amount that you cannot comfortably afford to repay now and in the future to avoid the possibility of legal action.

Complete this form to appeal a declined loan application. This link sends you to the Better Business Finance website. (Opens in a new browser window)

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