Weighing benefits against costs is an important part of any business decision. Review our tariffs and stay on top of costs to make sure you choose the most rewarding plan for your business.

Commercial Tariff

With our Commercial Tariff, you'll be charged per transaction. If you regularly make use of our branches for cash and cheques it may be the more cost-effective option.

Business Extra Tariff

With our Business Extra Tariff, you’ll be charged per transaction. If you plan to make only a small number of transactions per month, it may be the more cost-efficient option. Or you could move on to our Electronic Business Tariff, which offers lower charges for electronic transactions if you maintain a credit balance of more than £1.

Electronic Business Tariff

If you regularly make transactions electronically – at ATMs, through internet banking or using automated payment tools like Faster Payments – the Electronic Business Tariff may be a better option than choosing a Monthly PricePlan or Business Extra Tariff. As long as you maintain a credit balance of £1 or more, this tariff ensures you pay less or nothing for these types of transactions.

Business Credit Card rates

Our Business Credit Card is a straightforward way for you to manage cashflow and stay on top of business expenses. Read through the tables below to see how your business will be charged for this service.

International services rates and charges

We offer a variety of ways for you to do business overseas. View a summary of the rates and charges for our international services.

Other service charges

We keep our charges clear, so you can plan your cashflow with tariffs in mind.

Security fees

Taking security can be complex. We’ll provide you with an estimate of the fees and expenses which may be payable in any given situation.

Tariff Calculator

Get a detailed comparison of the different rates under each of our tariffs.

Compare our tariffs

Work out which tariff is best for you before your free business banking period ends.

Credit interest rates

Standard Credit interest rates paid on Current, Client and Call accounts