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"The healthcare sector is undergoing significant change. Our specialist managers undertake continuous professional development to keep up-to-date and understand the changes and pressures that you are facing. Get in touch with our dedicated healthcare relationship managers in your area."

Ian Crompton, Head of Healthcare Banking Services

Ian J Crompton
UK Head of Healthcare Banking Services

Justin Hare
HealthCare Relationship Director: London West End
07768 568021

Steve Mclvor
Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant
07843 698739Call telephone number 07843 698739

Ian Travis
HealthCare Relationship Director: Threadneedle Street
07764 287628

Julie Haggerty
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07912 099143

Gary Harden
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07768 058372

Tony Hopson
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07725 068830

Graham Fidler
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07802 203766

David Knowler
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07725 068699Call telephone number 07725 068699

Sapna Patel
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07867 348831

Phil Wallach
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Threadneedle Street
07725 068696Call telephone number 07725 068696

Grant Wallis
Healthcare Relationship manager: Threadneedle Street
07984 292888Call telephone number 07984 292888

David Wood-Griffiths
HealthCare Relationship Director: Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
07725 068863Call telephone number 07725 068863

Gary Abel
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire
07725 068873Call telephone number 07725 068873

Sue Crisp
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Oxfordshire
07764 626023Call telephone number 07764 626023

Malcolm Dennis
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire
07881 512758Call telephone number 07881 512758

Laura Willoughby
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Gloucestershire and Wiltshire
07725 426778Call telephone number 07725 426778

Jennifer Scott
Healthcare Banking Consultant
07717 862699Call telephone number 07717 862699

Hussain Haidry
Relationship Manager Healthcare: Swindon, Heathrow
07342057252Call telephone number 07342057252

Mike Philpot
HealthCare Relationship Director: Cambridge
07725 426539

Peter Benson
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Chelmsford
07801 472570

Norman Jarvis
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Norwich
07725 426580Call telephone number 07725 426580

Geoff Smith
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Enfield
07725 068797

Katie Ryan
Healthcare Relationship Manager
07341 076505Call telephone number 07341 076505

Andrew Knight
Healthcare Relationship manager, Peterborough
07841953000Call telephone number 07841953000

John Judge
HealthCare Banking Consultant
07801 472582Call telephone number 07801 472582

Christian Lingley
HealthCare Banking Consultant
07789 650555Call telephone number 07789 650555

David Ingleson
HealthCare Relationship Director: South Yorkshire and East Midlands
07725 426573

Jon Saltinstall
Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant
07921 105634Call telephone number 07921 105634

Phil Bateman
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Leicester, Nottingham and Lincoln
07901 104104

Steve Loxton
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Northamptonshire
07770 644367

Rachel Yates
HealthCare Relationship Manager: South Yorkshire
07901 104117

Denise Kitchen
HealthCare Relationship Manager: East Midlands and South Yorkshire
07880 004849Call telephone number 07880 004849

Harvey Sandford
HealthCare Relationship Director: Birmingham
07921 548525Call telephone number 07921 548525

Andy Pearson
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Stafford
07921 548313Call telephone number 07921 548313

Phil Perry
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Leamington Spa
07921 548565

Sarah Woodward
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Colmore Row, Birmingham
07872 807690

Andy Matthews
Healthcare Relationship Manager
07788 418562Call telephone number 07788 418562

Gareth Hall
HealthCare Relationship Director: Warrington
07710 663109

Liz Brown
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Preston and Blackburn
07595 123580

Phil Marsland
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Manchester
07725 426435

Peter Smallwood
HealthCare Relationship Manager: St Helens
07725 426470

Kate Salt
Healthcare Relationship Manager

Lauren Derbyshire
Healthcare Relationship Manager
07826902032Call telephone number 07826902032

Adrian Barlow
HealthCare Banking Consultant
07967 634739Call telephone number 07967 634739

David Eaves
HealthCare Banking Consultant
07872 819160Call telephone number 07872 819160

David Rigby
Relationship Director: Hampshire
07725 068711

Sharon Hillier
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Bath
07809 584723Call telephone number 07809 584723

Craig Marsh
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Christchurch
07725 068925Call telephone number 07725 068925

Lee Richardson
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Cosham, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight
07778 470365

David Oxford
HealthCare Banking Consultant
07921 548489Call telephone number 07921 548489

Martin Smith
Healthcare Relationship Manager
07725 068892Call telephone number 07725 068892

Jon Goad
HealthCare Relationship Director: South East
07515 097036Call telephone number 07515 097036

Paul Hollis
HealthCare Relationship Manager: South London
07725 426795

Ian Jobson
Healthcare Relationship manager, Guildford
07725 068913Call telephone number 07725 068913

Warrick Martin
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Banstead
07725 068984Call telephone number 07725 068984

Gaynor Parry
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Brighton
07725 068885

Andy Roberts
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Kent and East Sussex
07725 068976

Vandana Khandelwal
Healthcare Relationship Manager: Bromley and Croydon
07747 762743Cal telephone number 07747 762743

Miles Leonard
HealthCare Relationship Director: Exeter
07834 946390

Steve Pratt
Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant
07764 287942Call telephone number 07764 287942

Mike Craigie
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Plymouth
07841 780390

Richard Saunders
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Bristol
07921 548339

Mike Turner
HealthCare Relationship Manager:Torquay and Newton Abbott
07921 548478

Becky Crees
Healthcare Relationship Manager
07921548616Call telephone number 07921548616

Tim Kibby
HealthCare Relationship Manager: Wales, Hereford and Shropshire
07921 548303

Sian Matthews
HealthCare Relationship Manager: North Wales and Shropshire
07789 650395

Suzanne Rees
HealthCare Relationship Manager: South Wales, Hereford and Worcester
07921 548493

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Our specialist banking services are tailored to the healthcare sector, including our dedicated banking package.

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Specialist banking

Our specialist banking services are tailored to the healthcare sector, including our dedicated banking package.

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