How to log on to Internet Banking

There are two methods of logging on to Internet Banking – using our card reader or memorable information. You’ll still need your card reader to make payments, set up recipients and for other transactions.

How your card reader works

Card readers generate unique, one-time passcodes used to help identify you and to confirm some of your online banking activities, especially payments. We’ll prompt you each time you need to use it and simple on-screen instructions will always guide you through the steps to take. Your card reader holds no personal information about you and does not need to be connected to a computer.

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What is memorable information?

Memorable information is a memorable word or phrase that you set up the first time you log onto Internet Banking. When you log on in future you will be asked to enter your user ID, your password and you’ll then be given the option to use either your card reader or memorable information. If you choose memorable information you will be asked to enter three characters eg the second, fourth and eighth character. This allows you to log in without your card and card reader, making it even easier and more convenient to access your business accounts online whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

Once you’ve received your card reader, you’ll need to activate it. To do this, follow this process:

Step one: Log on to Online for Business as usual, entering your user ID and password. If you’re new to Online for Business go directly to step three.

Step two: If you are already an Online for Business user, select the ‘I have everything I need’ option and press ‘continue’.

Step three: Check that the last five digits of the card you’re using with the card reader match the details shown on the screen. If they don’t they can be overtyped with the last five digits of the card you want to use.

Step four: Slide this card into the card reader as shown below. Your reader will switch on automatically when you insert the card.

Step five: Press the Identity button on the card reader. The card reader display will show ENTER PIN.

Step six: Key the PIN for the card you’re using into the card reader and press enter.

Step seven: Once you’ve entered your PIN correctly, your card reader will show an eight-digit number – this is your passcode.

Key this passcode into the box shown on the Internet Banking screen and press ‘continue’.

Step eight: You will now be asked to set up your memorable information. This will give you the choice to log on in future using either the card reader or memorable information.

If you already have a personal account you will be given the option of completing log on using either your card reader or three characters from the same memorable information that you use to access your personal accounts with us online: If you choose memorable information, select the three indicated characters from the drop-down boxes and click ‘continue’.

Your log on is now complete. In future, when logging on you’ll only need to follow steps three to seven after entering your user ID and password.

We’ll ask you to use your card reader in two different ways when you’re online.


If you choose to use your card reader to log on to Online for Business, you’ll need to use the 'identify' function to confirm your identity. We’ll also ask you to use the 'identify' function when setting up a new recipient and requesting copy statements to ensure these requests are really coming from you and not a fraudster who has obtained your details.

If you use the bulk payments feature you will also be asked to use the 'identify' function when adding or amending recipients.


When authorising payments we’ll ask you to use the 'sign' function.

Using the 'sign' function will authorise the release of money from your account. When we prompt you to use the 'sign' function, in addition to your PIN, we will always ask you for information about the transaction that you must know – the destination account number and the full payment amount, to ensure it’s you making the payment.

Any requests to use 'sign' when not carrying out the activities listed in the table below should be treated as a potential fraud attack. If in any doubt, terminate your online session and call us immediately on 0845 3000 116 (+44 20 7649 9437 from overseas).

As usual, make sure nobody is watching you whenever you enter your PIN into the card reader, or when entering passcodes into the Internet Banking screens.

We will never call you to ask for any ‘identify’ or ‘sign’ codes from your card and reader.

Respond function

We will not ask you to use the 'respond' function for any transaction other than to set up your Business Mobile Banking app.

What cards can I use with the card reader?

You need a card and PIN so the card reader can identify you and generate passcodes.

If you have a Business Debit Card, use that with your card reader. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide you with a special authentication card with its own PIN. This is only for use with the card reader.

Passcodes are randomly generated and are unique. Your card reader will produce a new passcode each time you use it, so you won’t need to remember them or write any of them down.

To increase the size of the card reader display, just press the button on the card reader button when a passcode appears.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using your card reader, we can supply you with an audio card reader – just call us on 0845 3000 116.

This works in exactly the same way as a standard card reader but has additional audio functionality. It holds no personal information about you and does not need to be connected to your computer at any time.

To activate the audio function, just turn the dial upwards before inserting your card. Audio instructions will guide you through the steps you need to take. The audio reader has built-in speakers or for added security you can use headphones.

Your audio card reader will time out and turn off after 90 seconds of inactivity. To reactivate it, simply remove and reinsert your card into the reader.

When pressing a key on the audio card reader, always ensure that you hear the voice prompt before pressing another key. Keys pressed during the voice prompts are not recognised by the reader.

To repeat a voice prompt, press the 'clear' button.

When the audio function is switched off, you can press the '0' key to increase the size of the unique eight-digit code generated by the audio card reader. When the audio function is switched on, press '0' repeatedly to hear the code repeated back to you one number at a time. A single 'beep' will tell you when you reach the end of the code.

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