Business Overdraft

Even the most well managed businesses may have to deal with unforeseen events and unexpected expenses. And that may mean finding extra short-term funds at short notice. A business overdraft can help ensure that you have funds in place and available immediately should the unexpected happen.

Features and benefits

  • Make sure extra funds are there when you need them.
  • Only pay interest on the funds you use.
  • Apply for a limit that suits your business.
  • Read our Charter to find out how we're committed to lending to businesses.
  • In the event of movement in the Bank of England bank rate your interest rate will move immediately by the same amount without any prior notice to you.

We know it’s important to have an overdraft you can rely on, that is why when a limit has been agreed your Business Overdraft will provide instant access to funds.

Tell us about your business’s plans and needs. We will then agree on an interest rate and let you know if we require any security. You’ll pay an arrangement fee of up to 1.5%*, which is related to the amount you borrow, and we’ll discuss the terms with you before any overdraft is taken out.

To apply for our Business Overdraft, you should:

  • Require the overdraft for business use.
  • Be a sole trader, partner or director with authority to borrow on behalf of your business.
  • Be aged 18 or over.

Lending rates for overdrafts apply.

An arrangement fee of up to 1.5%* applies and is related to the amount you borrow.

Find out moreabout lending rates for overdrafts.

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How to apply

Internet Banking users

Where eligible, you can get an immediate decision and an overdraft up to £25k opened within minutes. Simply log on to Internet Banking and select ‘Overdrafts’ from the left hand menu.

Log on and apply nowfor a business overdraft.

On the phone

0345 072 5555Call telephone number 0345 072 5555

Call us to talk to one of our business management team.

Lines open 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday, except on UK bank holidays.

One of our business management team will be happy to speak with you about your application.

However, before you get in touch, please make sure you’ve prepared answers to the following:

  • How much would you like to borrow?
  • How will you use the loan?
  • What length of loan term do you expect?
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