Rates & charges

Business Current Account

Customers who opened their account after 19 October 2015 will be on the simple pricing structure shown below:

Monthly feeA fixed fee for operating your account.   £6.50
Electronic payments (in or out)Includes online, automated and debit card payments.   Free
Cash payments (in or out)Cash you pay into or withdraw from your account using our branch counter or deposit machine. We don’t charge for ATM withdrawals.   The first £1500 per month £1 per £100
Anything over £1500 per month £0.80 per £100
Cheques (in or out) and credit inCredit in is a fee charged when paying in a credit of any combination of cheques or cash at the branch counter. We do not charge a credit in fee when you use an Immediate Deposit Machine or Night Safe.   £0.65

Tariffs no longer available

For accounts opened before 19 October 2015, one of the following tariffs may apply:

Monthly PricePlan 

A fixed cost each month when you stay within the plan limits.

Business Banking Electronic Tariff

For businesses who bank electronically.

Business Banking Extra

Pay per transaction.

Business Credit Card rates

Our Business Credit Card is a straightforward way for you to manage cashflow and stay on top of business expenses. Read through the tables below to see how your business will be charged for this service.

Client account rates

We offer two accounts designed to help you manage client funds.

Follow the link below to view the current and previous interest rates for our Client Call Account and our Designated Client Call Account.

Savings rates

Our savings accounts allow you to invest in the future and manage cashflow at the same time. To help you decide which one is right for your business, view the rates that apply to each account.

Islamic Business Account charges

With our Islamic Business Account, you can ensure that your funds are managed in a Shariah-approved way. With this account, you don’t earn or pay interest, but you will be subject to daily banking charges once your free business banking period ends.

School Banking Account rates

This tailored account is designed to help you manage funds efficiently and earn more from your savings. To help you decide whether it’s right for your school, view the current interest rates in the tables below.

International services rates and charges

We offer a variety of ways for you to do business overseas. View a summary of the rates and charges for our international services.

Other service charges

We keep our charges clear, so you can plan your cashflow with tariffs in mind.

Security fees

Taking security can be complex. We’ll provide you with an estimate of the fees and expenses which may be payable in any given situation.

Credit interest rates

Standard Credit interest rates paid on Current, Client and Call accounts