Welcome to your new Lloyds Bank credit card account

Get the information you need about your new Lloyds Bank credit card account. We provide you with useful tips on setting up and getting the most out of your new card.

Learn how to:

  • Get started – learn about your PIN, new card activation and managing your account online through Internet Banking.
  • Account options – add a family member or someone else over 18 as an additional cardholder and learn how to set up Direct Debits for payments
  • Card security – quick, helpful tips on using your card safely online
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Personalised Balance Transfers

In today's financial climate, we're all looking for ways to manage our money better. Why pay a high interest rate with someone else when you could transfer the balance to your Lloyds Bank credit card and benefit from an initial low interest rate on the balance transferred?
To stay eligible for promotional rates, you must stay within your credit limit and make your payments on time each month.

  • We'll give you a personalised interest free balance transfer offer. Minimum balance transfer is £100 and is subject to your credit limit. 3% fee applies.
  • If you're a Lloyds Bank Choice Rewards credit card customer, you can also build up your points total when you transfer balances from your other credit card and store card providers.
  • Do you have one of our Avios credit card accounts? You can collect Avios by transferring a balance to your Avios Rewards Credit Card.
  • If you are registered for Internet Banking, it’s quick and easy to check your personalised balance transfer rate and make a balance transfer online.
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Credit card alerts

To help you keep track of your credit card account, we’re offering customers who are registered for Mobile Banking text alerts free Credit Card Alerts.

We’ll alert you when your payment has been applied to your credit card.

You’ll automatically get Credit Card Alerts if you’re signed up for Mobile Banking for your Lloyds Bank current account.

Messages you receive are free, but you’ll need to pay your standard network rate for any you send.

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Lloyds Bank ClickSafe®

Lloyds Bank ClickSafe® (also known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode) is a free service that gives you extra protection when you’re shopping online. It works by assessing each transaction, either verifying it automatically or by asking you for further information to verify the payments. That way, we can confirm it’s you using your card, not a fraudster.

ClickSafe® covers your Lloyds Bank personal credit and debit cards, as well as your business credit/charge card and debit cards.

Can I use Lloyds Bank ClickSafe® from any computer?

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Register your credit card for Internet Banking

Enjoy convenient access to your credit card account information, when you register your card for Internet Banking. With Lloyds Banksecure, you can keep safe while managing your credit card online.

  • See your balance and up to three months of your credit card transaction history
  • Manage your PIN
  • Pay your credit card online
  • Apply to increase your credit card limit (subject to status)
  • Make balance transfers
  • Add an additional cardholder
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Add an additional cardholder

Get more from your Lloyds Bank credit card by adding a partner, family member or friend to your account. Additional cardholders must be aged 18 or over.

You can add an additional cardholder free to all our credit cards, apart from the Student Credit Card.

Why add an additional cardholder?

  • You can collect Avios at twice the speed with your Avios Rewards account. You can also collect Choice points at twice the speed with your Choice Rewards credit card account.
  • It’s easy to monitor and manage family spending with a single statement showing all transactions.
  • The additional cardholder will have the convenience of being able to use the card for purchases.

The Main Cardholder remains responsible for all spending on the account made by the Additional Cardholder.

If you have questions about your application form call us on 0345 606 2176

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Money Manager

Keep track of your money across your Lloyds Bank credit card and personal current accounts with Money Manager.

Our, free, easy-to-use service helps you see where your money is going by breaking down your spending into meaningful categories, such as entertainment, groceries, and travel, using easy-to-read graphs.

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