Thank you for opening your new Lloyds Bank credit card account.

Here you’ll find lots of important information about your new account, together with helpful tips on making the most of your Lloyds Bank credit card.

What happens next?

  • Your PIN will arrive
    This should be with you soon, together with a reminder of your credit limit. If it hasn’t arrived by post in the next five days, please call 0845 606 2172.
  • Your card will arrive
    Your card should arrive in the post within seven days. If you don’t receive it by then, please call 0845 606 2172.
  • Activate your credit card online
    It's quick, easy and secure to activate your card online. All you need is your new credit card to hand, or if you'd rather you can call us on 0800 032 0444.

Manage your account online

With Internet Banking, you can see your credit card balance next to your other Lloyds Bank accounts. You can transfer balances from other credit cards to your Lloyds Bank Credit Card, set up and amend a direct debit and it's easy to see what you're spending. Balance transfer fees apply.

So if you haven’t yet registered for this great free service, here’s what to do:

  • Register for Internet Banking.
  • Complete the form online and create a password.
  • We’ll send you your ID number in the post.


Simplify your family spending with an extra card

Add a family member or someone else 18 years or over to your account and they can share all the advantages of the Lloyds Bank card.

And with everyone’s transactions on one monthly statement, it’s an easy way to keep track of the family’s spending.

To request an additional card, call 0845 606 2172.

The Cardholder remains responsible for all spending on the account made by an Additional Cardholder.

Download and fill in the Additional Cardholder application form (PDF)

Set up a Direct Debit and forget about missing payments

Life’s busy, but a Direct Debit for your Lloyds Bank credit card means you’ll have one less thing to sort out each month. You’re still in control though, because you choose whether to pay:

  • Your entire bill each month.
  • A set amount each month.
  • Or just the minimum payment each month. If you only pay the minimum each month, your debt could take a long time to clear.
  • Whichever option you choose, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing your payment will automatically be made on time so you won’t be charged any late payment fees.


Tips to avoid additional fees and charges:

Currently a fee of £12 will be incurred for any missed payments

  • Set up a Direct Debit. You can do this online or by calling us on 0845 606 2172.
  • Pay your bill through Internet Banking


Consumer Credit Act protection.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) can offer Lloyds Bank credit card customers useful protection for purchases of over £100 and up to £30,000. Under the Act, a credit card issuer and the retailer have joint responsibility for purchases made if there has been a breach of contract or misrepresentation. For example, if the item is faulty or the company stops trading. If the customer has only paid the deposit on their credit card they may still be able to claim the total value of the purchase under Section 75.

Hints and tips: What we advise you do to keep safe shopping online

Your Lloyds Bank card has all our latest protection measures built in. Here’s a quick run-down of how you’re protected.

  • The Internet shopping promise means that you’ll be covered against fraud.
  • We monitor transactions automatically to make sure you’ve made them.
  • We’ll alert you if we think any transactions are suspicious.
  • ClickSafe® is a free service which gives you extra protection when you're shopping online.

As well as all that, there are a few simple things you can do yourself. Just follow these three tips to stay protected:

  • Use different PINs and passwords for each account and application.
  • Never tell anyone your PINs, passwords or account details.
  • Check your statements as soon as you receive them and let us know about any transactions you don’t recognise.

To find out more about using your card securely visit our security page