ID Aware for Premier Accounts

Protect yourself against identity theft

As a Premier customer*, you have our help to spot the early warning signs of identity theft.

Identity theft is increasingly common in the UK. For many people, the first warning is a letter demanding payment of a debt taken out fraudulently in their name.  It can be a long and costly struggle to put the record straight.

With ID Aware, a leading credit reference agency, Callcredit, warns you of changes to your credit profile so you can take action if you suspect fraud. And if your identity has been targeted, you’ll have a team of experts on your side.

Find out more about how to protect yourself against identity theft

  • Get text or email alerts when credit is taken out in your name or your credit profile changes significantly
  • Access your credit report online or by post
  • See a summary of activity on your credit profile every quarter
  • Get a report on your credit rating with tips on how to improve it
  • Have a personal identity theft risk assessment (if you want one)
  • And if you are affected by ID theft, a dedicated case worker will help you put things right

Find out more in the ID Aware policy document

How to register

You’ll receive a registration form with your ID Aware welcome pack within 15 days of opening your Premier Account.

Just send us your completed registration form. We’ll confirm your identity, and activate your service. You’ll receive your first credit report within 5 days.