Contactless debit cards

A faster way to pay for your everyday essentials

About contactless debit cards

Contactless cards are designed to make your life that little bit easier. Contactless cards allow you to pay for goods up to £30 without needing to enter your PIN. Many shops, restaurants, and businesses have contactless reader devices which make transactions faster and smoother. Millions of people use contactless debit cards, and you get one with most Lloyds Bank current accounts.

How does contactless work?

Contactless is a way of making paying for things swifter and simpler. If you have a contactless card and are paying for something in a shop, restaurant, or business that has a contactless reader, all you need to do is hold your contactless card over the reader to pay. If the price is under £30, you don’t need to even enter your PIN.

The first time you use your contactless card for a transaction, you’ll need to enter your PIN. Once you've done that, all future transactions can be contactless. You need to hold your card very close to the reader (around 2 – 4 centimetres) for it to work. If the price of the transaction is over £30, you will need to key in your PIN as normal.

For added security, every now and again you might be asked to enter your PIN for transactions under £30. This is likely to happen if you make several contactless transactions in a row.

How to use contactless

  1. Look
    Look for the contactless symbol when paying.
  2. Touch
    Simply touch your contactless card against the reader.
  3. Processing
    A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed.
  4. Approved
    Your payment is approved.

How do I know if I have a contactless card?

All contactless cards have the contactless symbol on them. The symbol is four curved lines radiating rightwards (a lot like a Wi-Fi symbol turned on its side). It looks like this:

Contactless symbol is four curved lines radiating rightwards

If you have this symbol on the front of your debit card, you can start using the contactless method of paying immediately.

FAQs about contactless

What is contactless?

Contactless is a payment function for transactions of up to £30. You can pay for your goods simply by holding your card in front of a special contactless card-reader.

What are the benefits of using contactless?

It’s quick, convenient and saves you time. There’s no need to rummage around for the right amount of change, or enter your PIN for most of your contactless transactions.

Is using contactless to pay secure?

Absolutely. Your contactless card has the same anti-fraud protection as regular ‘chip & pin’ cards. If your card is lost or stolen, your card has protection against fraud loss, provided that you inform us as soon as you realise your card is missing. For added protection, you will occasionally be asked to enter your PIN when making a payment and your PIN will always be needed for payments of over £30.

Where can you use it?

Retailers who accept contactless payments will display the contactless symbol, so look out for it wherever you shop. Over 120,000 card readers in the UK already accept contactless payments and this number is growing all the time. You can also now use your contactless card to pay for journeys on TfL buses, London Underground, London trams, Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and national rail services. You simply need to touch your card on the yellow reader as you board your chosen method of transport - there is no need to buy a physical ticket or key in a PIN.

Can you use contactless on Tube, DLR, Tram and London Overground?

You can use your contactless card on TfL buses, London Underground, London trams, Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and national rail services.

Will I be charged twice if I accidentally double tap on the reader?

No. The reader and card are configured to ensure that you will only be charged for one transaction.

Can a purchase be made without my knowledge (for example, will the card-reader activate if I walk past it)?

No. Your card has to be extremely close to the reader - typically between two and four centimetres - and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve.

What happens if I try to pay for goods over the contactless limit of £30?

For transactions over the contactless limit, the retailer will need you to make purchases using chip and PIN or swipe transactions.

FAQs about using contactless on public transport

How do contactless payments for travel work?

Where the transit operator displays this sticker:

on or near its reader, you can use your contactless card to pay for travel.

To pay with contactless, simply touch the reader - as soon as you hear the beep, and/or see a light, you are able to travel. There is no need to find cash or top up your transit card first.

But please check with the transit operator on the fare you will have to pay and process it has for you to pay with a contactless card before you start your journey.

Do I have a daily limit when I use my contactless card to pay for travel?

No - you just need to have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the fare.

I touched my contactless payment card on the reader and there was a warning light, what does this mean?

This means that you cannot use that contactless card to pay for your intended travel and you will have to choose another contactless card or pay for your travel using other means. You can ask your travel operator what is the best way that you can pay for your travel.

FAQs about contactless on TfL

How much does it cost to travel on the TfL network with a contactless payment card?

You will be charged the same amount as a pay-as-you go adult fare when travelling with an Oyster card. You will also benefit from daily and weekly (Monday-to-Sunday) capping. Please see www.tfl.gov.uk/fares for fare details.

How will TfL charges be shown on my card statement?

Contactless payment card statements will show the narrative ""TfL TravelCharge". You will be able to access details of the charge via your TfL online account.

How can I keep track of my journeys?

Setup an online account with TfL and register your contactless payment card. This will allow you to view your journey history, request refunds and make payments for any unpaid journeys.

Can I add a season ticket, Travelcard or Bus & Tram pass to my contactless payment card?

No, that’s not currently possible. Only adult pay-as-you-go fares are being offered by TfL. However, you can still benefit from daily and weekly (Monday-to-Sunday) capping, as you would by using an Oyster pay-as-you-go card.

Is it possible to pay for more than one fare using a contactless payment card – e.g., paying for children's TfL travel when I am travelling?

No. Just like Oyster, a contactless payment card can only pay for one person per journey, so an alternative method of payment for each person will be required.

What should I do if I have a query about a journey fare or daily cap?

Please contact TfL on 0343 222 1234 with your query or view your transaction history on the TfL website.

What should I do if I think I’ve been charged the wrong amount for a journey?

You can check your journey and payment history by signing up for an online TfL account. If the daily amount includes a maximum fare for an incomplete journey, you may be able to complete the journey online and get a refund. Further queries can be raised on the website or by calling TfL customer services on 0343 222 1234.

What happens if I tap my wallet / purse against the card reader rather than present the card I wish to use to pay?

If you hold multiple contactless cards and or Oyster card in your wallet it may cause ‘card clash’ causing the reader to charge the first card it finds. This could mean that you are charged to a card that you did not intend to pay with.

To avoid ‘card clash’ only touch the card you wish to pay with against the card reader. The best way to ensure this happens is by presenting the card you wish to pay with against the card reader, not your wallet or purse.

When using a contactless payment card on the TfL network, what happens if I touch in with one card and touch out with a different card?

This will result in you being charged the maximum fares for 2 incomplete journeys.

An incomplete journey is when someone taps in at the beginning of their journey but not out at the end, or vice-versa.

If this happens, you should check your journey and payment history on your TfL online account. You may be able to complete the journey online and get a refund.

I’ve unintentionally touched my contactless payment card on the card reader when I meant to use my Oyster card / another contactless card

You may be eligible for a refund. Please contact TfL on 0343 222 1234.

What if I do not have enough funds in my account to make my journey?

TfL will check with your card issuer to verify that there are sufficient funds in your account to pay for your travel.

If you try to use a contactless payment card with insufficient funds you may be able to enter the network and complete your journey. However, your card will be prevented from making further journeys until any outstanding amount that is due to TfL has been settled.

How do I pay an outstanding travel charge?

You can pay an outstanding travel charges online whether you are registered or not.

As a registered customer you will be able to pay using a different card online; however, if you have not registered, you will have to use the card associated with the journey.

You can only pay with a different payment card online – not over the phone (as TfL is not able to take the PAN and security code from the back of your card).

How soon can I travel after paying an outstanding travel charge?

You can travel 30 minutes after a debt is paid. This is to allow TfL to update its processing system.

Can TfL’s staff take a contactless payment card away from you?

No. TfL’s staff are not authorised to withdraw a contactless payment card.

Is the use of Oyster for travel with Transport for London (TfL) being phased out?

No, you can still use your Oyster card if you’d prefer.

Useful phone numbers

  • Lost or stolen cards 0800 096 9779(+44 1702 278 270 from outside the UK)

  • Contact us 0345 300 0000(+44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK)

These lines are available 24/7.

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