Contactless debit cards

What is a contactless debit card?

  • Pay up to £20 without entering your PIN.
  • Fast and simple – just hold your card over the contactless reader.
  • Available in many big-name shops and restaurants, with more joining all the time.

New contactless technology makes shopping quicker and easier. With contactless on your debit card you can pay most transactions up to £20 without entering your PIN – just hold your card against the contactless reader.

Lloyds Bank debit cards with contactless technology have the contactless symbol on the front. If your current card doesn’t have contactless you can order a new one in your local branch.

Here’s how it works:

  • Look out for the contactless symbol in shops, stores and restaurants.
  • When you’re ready to pay just hold your card over the contactless card-reader. Payment will be completed in less than a second.
  • The contactless card-reader will confirm your transaction’s complete, and you can then get going.

And just like existing chip and PIN services, you can see how much  you spend when you pay by contactless because you’ll see every transaction on your current account statement

More shops, cafés and restaurants are installing contactless technology all the time. In the UK over 50,000 card readers now accept contactless payments.

At the moment, you can only use contactless technology in the UK.


Contactless technology uses the same high level security features that are behind chip and PIN services. It doesn’t put you at any greater risk of fraud.

Added security features from Lloyds Bank:

  • To activate contactless on your new card you’ll need to verify your identity by carrying out at least one standard chip and PIN transaction
  • Every now and then, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN for what would normally be a contactless transaction

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