Joint account

Joint Account Features

  • One account in the name of two or more people.
  • A handy way to share outgoings and see them on one monthly statement.
  • Each person gets a Visa debit card and chequebook (if the current account comes with a cheque book).
  • Choice to add someone to your existing account or open an extra joint account.
  • Easy to move money between your different accounts.


A joint account is an account in the name of two or more people. It’s a convenient way to share outgoings like shopping, household bills and mortgage or rent payments. You could also budget for holidays or large purchases with a joint savings account.

If you also have your own current account with Lloyds Bank it’s easy to transfer money between the two.

If you have an account already:

  • To turn an existing account into a joint account, both people need to go into a branch and provide identification in person.

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What identification to bring

If you don’t have an account yet:

You can either:

  • Open a joint account straight away in a branch.

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What identification to bring

  • Apply for your new account online – you can convert it to a joint account in a branch later. 

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  • Each person can make withdrawals, write cheques, apply for an overdraft or use cash machines without needing the approval of the other.
  • Both of you are responsible for any debts on the joint account, such as an overdraft – even if only one of you withdrew the money from the joint account.
  • The other person’s finances may affect your credit rating. Credit reference agencies often create a financial link or 'association' between two people who have a joint account that lets them borrow money.
  • Add a cardholder to your credit card. This gives another person a card for your credit account. The extra card is free, with no monthly fees. It’s different from a joint account – for example, you’re responsible for any transactions the cardholder makes.
  • Under 19, Student and Graduate accounts cannot be held in joint accounts.

If you’d like to close your joint account or remove someone from it, let us know:

  • via Phonebank®: 0845 3 000 000
  • In Branch. Find your nearest branch
  • in writing