Overdraft charges

Find out about the fees you’ll pay on the balance of your overdraft.

We will charge you the following fee for all overdrafts, whether Planned Overdrafts or Unplanned Overdrafts.


Fee Amount Description
Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee £6 You will pay this fee if you use a Planned or Unplanned Overdraft by more than any interest and fee free amount or buffer (if applicable) at any time during your monthly billing period (even if your next monthly billing period is only a few days away).
We will charge you a maximum of one Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee in a monthly billing period.

Unplanned Buffer
Overdraft Interest rate %per month Overdraft Interest rate %EAR*
1.34% 17.28%
Silver and Classic
£10 1.53% 19.94%
Club Lloyds Premier
£10 1.20% 15.43%
Club Lloyds Platinum
£10 1.34% 17.28%
Club Lloyds, Club Lloyds Gold and Club Lloyds Silver
£10 1.53% 19.94%

These interest rates are correct as at March 2014. Interest rates are variable.

*EAR is the Equivalent Annual Rate. This is the actual annual rate of an overdraft. It doesn’t take into account other fees and charges.

Representative Example

If you use a Planned overdraft limit of £1,200 on our Classic Account the overdraft interest rate we will charge on the first £25 will be 0% EAR variable and a Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee will not apply. The overdraft interest rate on the next £1,175 will be 19.94% EAR variable and a Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee of £6 will apply.

You will also be charged interest on any overdraft amounts above any interest and fee free amount and any buffer. You can view our current overdraft interest rates and please see above for any buffer which applies to your account.

All overdrafts are subject to application and approval and are repayable in full on demand. You need to be 18 or over to apply.

Daily fees for Unplanned Overdrafts

You will pay a daily fee for using an Unplanned Overdraft. The amount of the fee will be worked out at the end of each day (including weekends and bank holidays) on the balance of your Unplanned Overdraft.

We will charge you a maximum of eight daily fees in a monthly billing period.

Unplanned overdraft balance of £10 or less No fee (buffer applies)
Unplanned overdraft balance is more than £10 but less than £25 £5 fee per day
Unplanned overdraft balance is £25 or more £10 fee per day

An overdraft continues until it is repaid. So, at the start of any monthly billing period, if you still have an overdraft from the previous monthly billing period, you will incur a further Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee and, if it is an Unplanned Overdraft, up to another eight daily fees (depending on when you pay it back).

Unplanned Overdrafts are intended for short-term, unexpected borrowing. If you know you are likely to need to borrow from us, please ask for a new or increased Planned Overdraft. You can do this by visiting us in branch, calling us on 0845 3 000 000 or online if you’re registered with Internet Banking

Where you do not have enough available money to make a payment and we do not agree to give you or extend an Unplanned Overdraft, you will not be able to make that payment. We will write to tell you we have declined your request. We will charge you the following fee:


Returned item fee £10 for each item We will charge you a maximum of three Returned Item Fees a day. This fee will not be charged if the amount of the payment we decline is £10 or less.