Frequently Asked Questions

You will probably have a lot of questions about how the financial arrangements will work. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

If you are one of the named account holders then in most cases you will be able to continue withdrawing money in the normal way; we’ll let you know if you can’t. The account will be changed to the surviving account holders name and in most cases this can be completed at the branch. If it is more complicated it will be completed by our Bereavement Service Centre.

We will cancel all payments from a sole named account where the account holder has died; on joint accounts these payments can continue but should be reviewed to make sure they all remain appropriate.

If the mortgage was in the sole name of the person who has died, we will need to speak to the executor/administrator; if it is in joint names then we need to speak to the executor/ administrator and the surviving party to the mortgage (this may be the same person). If the mortgage has already been repaid then we may still hold the property deeds-please ask us to check for you.

If the loan is protected with insurance then we will let you know how to make a claim. If it is not covered, then the debt will need to be repaid from the estate. If the loan was in joint names the surviving account holder can continue making monthly repayments or pay the loan off in full.

If there is an amount owing on the account this will have to be repaid by the estate. If the credit card is covered by credit card repayment insurance we’ll let you know how to make a claim, and advise you what to do with the cards.

When the account holder dies, the interest earned on all accounts will be taxable.