Share Dealing Services

Whether you want market research and price alerts or trading tools that will help you manage risk, we have a range of services which can help you trade.

You can deal online and by phone in stocks and shares on the London Stock Exchange, AIM, and six markets in Europe and North America. You can deal in unit trusts and OEICs from leading providers, investment trusts and exchange traded funds. And you can deal by phone in UK government gilts and corporate bonds. The commission we charge you will depend on whether you deal online or by phone and the frequency of your dealing.

Important information about international trading

Our standard dealing commission rates will apply for the first 12 trades placed across your Share Dealing or Share Dealing ISA, per calendar quarter. The Frequent Trader rate will apply to any additional deals you place in the same quarter. The rate applied will depend on whether the deal is placed online or by phone. Standard rates will resume at the beginning of the next quarter. The Frequent Trader rate does not apply to trades placed in OEICs, Unit Trusts or certificated sales.

We offer a range of free automated trading plans which you can set-up to execute when your chosen stock reaches a set price. The TradePlan will have an expiry date which is set when the TradePlan is initially set up. If your trade executes then you will pay the usual dealing charges.

Limit Order

You set the price at which you want to buy or sell.

Limit Sell Order: your instruction to sell will be carried out if a share price rises to the level you've specified.

Limit Buy Order: your instruction to buy will be carried out if a share price falls to the level you've specified.

Stop Loss*

You set the price at which you want to sell (if a price is falling). Your instruction to sell a share will be carried out if the price falls to your specified price.

Target Setting

A combination of a Limit Sell Order (which sells at a higher price) and a Stop Loss (which sells at a lower price).

Range Trading

A combination of a Limit Buy Order (which buys at a lower price) and a Limit Sell Order (which sells at a higher price).

Price Locking*

A Stop Loss which automatically adjusts your stop price when a share price rises.

*Our Stop Loss and Price Locking facilities do not use a guaranteed stop loss. When the share price reaches your target price, your order will go into a queue to be dealt. The price your trade executes at may be higher or lower than the trigger price.

A regular investment plan is a cost-effective way of trading shares as you pay just £2 commission per stock you purchase and can invest from just £20 per month (minimum £5 per stock). You can set-up an investment plan to purchase shares every month or place individual planned trades on one of four set dates each month. All sales must be done real-time as a standard trade rather than within a regular investment plan and your standard commission rates will apply.

You can use our dedicated market research centre to look up share prices and charts, past performance and company news including:

UK Equity Centre – access to charts, performance, stock screener, top performers and heat maps.

International Equity Centre – access charts performance tables and heat maps.

Funds Centre – research by fund manager or sector. Use fund screener tools and look out for our fund offers.

Investment Companies – research information, company news or use screener tools for investment trusts and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

News – catch up on the latest company or regulatory news.

Analysis Centre – access to broker views, director dealing, results and company dealing

Education Centre – use our guides to understand the principles of investing.

You can also set-up share price alerts by email for up to 5 stocks using our integrated Watchlist tool. You can either choose RNS (regulatory news service) information or alerts when your stock reaches a set price.

Download free annual and interim reports directly from Precision IR.