Vantage general terms and conditions

This is no longer available with new current accounts or as an upgrade option for existing customers

We recently wrote to existing Vantage customers to explain that we’re removing Vantage from our product range on 3rd May 2016. From this date customers will no longer earn credit interest with Vantage, and Vantage terms and conditions will no longer apply. Vantage will be removed from account names shortly after this date. If you’re an existing customer with Vantage, you can keep Vantage on your account until 3rd May 2016. So if you’re thinking of moving to another current account where Vantage would be available (Classic, Silver or Platinum), you can transfer Vantage to your new current account until 3rd May 2016.

Vantage gives you the benefit of tiered credit interest on your current account if you comply with the Vantage conditions. You can have a maximum of 3 accounts with Vantage. 

The Vantage conditions are that each month you must:

  • Pay into your account at least £1,000 during the calendar month; and
  • Keep your account in credit (that is above £0) during the monthly billing period.
  • Pay at least two different direct debits from your account each calender month.

For each month that you meet the Vantage conditions, you will qualify for credit interest in that monthly billing period which runs from the second working day of a month to the first working day of the next month. This means we will work out interest on a daily basis at the relevant Vantage interest rate from the second working day of that month and pay it to your account at the end of the first working day of the next month.

No interest will be paid if any of the 3 conditions above are not met or if you have a balance less than £1,000. If your balance is over £5,000, you'll earn 1.5% AER on the first £5,000, but 0% on anything over that.

The Vantage interest rates are variable and vary depending on the amount in your account. They will apply from the working day on which you open or upgrade your current account with Vantage as long as you do so during our normal working hours or from the next working day if you do not.

These Vantage conditions are in addition to any that apply to your current account and will apply from the day on which your account was opened or upgraded with Vantage.

The monthly billing period for our Vantage customers is from the second working day of a calendar month to the first working day of the next. If this is different to the current monthly billing period for your current account, and you add Vantage to your account we will change it straight away.

If you are a customer holding an account for which we normally charge a monthly fee but you benefit from a fee waiver, that waiver will no longer apply and we will charge you the normal monthly fee if you change the type of account you hold or add Vantage.

You can view the Current Vantage Interest rates and the balances to which they apply in our UK branches or by phoning us on 0345 300 0032telephone number 0345 300 0032 . Or if you are calling from abroad, or prefer not to use our 0345 number, you can also call us on 01733 347 007.

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