It's On Us - Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below are being updated. For Lloyds Bank plc customers this change will take effect from 2 September 2016 and for Lloyds Bank International Limited customers it will take effect from 3 October 2016.

From these dates, the terms and conditions for Internet Banking and some of our additional online services will all be in one place. These Additional Services are Everyday Offers, It’s On Us, Money Manager, Pay a Contact, paperless statements and correspondence, and mobile alerts services. Not all of these services may be available to you, but if you use any of them on or after the dates shown above, the updated Internet Banking agreement will apply. It also means that from these dates, we will send you notice of future changes to your Internet Banking secure inbox.

By registering for the service referred to below, you are agreeing to both these terms and conditions and those found in the updated agreement from the dates shown above. The new Internet Banking agreement can be found here.

What is 'It's On Us'?

‘It’s On Us’ is a programme of free prize draws that will include eligible sterling debit and credit card transactions up to and including £500 made by our qualifying customers. It means that those customers whose transactions are randomly selected will be paid back the value of that transaction. It is our way of saying thank you for being a customer. Participating in ‘It’s On Us’ will not affect any of the conditions of your Lloyds Bank current account (including the personal banking terms and conditions) or credit card.

When a transaction is selected, we will pay an amount equal to that transaction into the relevant Lloyds Bank current account on or before the last working day of the following month. If a selected transaction is for an amount under £5, our payment will be rounded up to £5.

When you sign up for ‘It’s On Us’, your eligible debit and/or credit card transactions will automatically be entered into the relevant ‘It’s On Us’ pool of transactions from which the random selections will be made. If you make more than one eligible debit or credit card transaction on any day, each individual one will be entered separately.


  1. How do I sign up for 'It's On Us'?

    Qualifying customers can sign up for ‘It’s On Us’.To be a qualifying customer you must:

    • be and remain signed up for the Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers programme; and
    • live, and be registered in our records as living, in England, Wales or Scotland.

    To sign up for ‘It’s On Us’, simply log onto Internet Banking and activate the ‘It’s On Us’ offer in the Everyday Offers homepage. Print, save or take a screen shot of these rules for your records.

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  2. 'It's On Us' qualifying customers additional information

    To participate in ‘It’s On Us’ you must be an individual, holding a Lloyds Bank personal current account which offers a debit card. You may also hold a Lloyds Bank personal credit card.

    If you are a joint holder of a Lloyds Bank personal current account then, in order to be in with a chance of having one or more of your debit card transactions paid back, you must sign up for Everyday Offers and activate the ‘It’s On Us’ offer in your own name. Any other joint account holder will have to sign up in their own name for their own chance to be paid back.

    If you have a Lloyds Bank credit card, it must be held in your name as primary cardholder. If you are an additional cardholder then your transactions may be eligible, and any payment back will be made into the primary cardholder's Lloyds Bank current account if they have activated the ‘It’s On Us’ offer.

    If you leave Everyday Offers or ‘It’s On Us’, or we terminate your participation for any reason, your involvement in ‘It’s On Us’ will automatically be cancelled the same day and no further transactions by you will be included in future selections.

    We will use an independent company to help us carry out the random selection of transactions. By signing up for ‘It’s On Us’ you agree that we can use your information in connection with ‘It’s On Us’ and that certain information about your transactions, which is strictly necessary for the provision of this draw, will be shared with this independent company for this purpose. We will not share any information that is personally identifiable. Your information is always secure and is only used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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  3. What are eligible transactions for 'It's On Us'?

    These are the transactions that will be included in the ‘It’s On Us’ random selections. They must:

    • be a payment for goods or services made in sterling with your Lloyds Bank personal debit card and/or credit card, 
    • be for an amount not exceeding £500,
    • be a payment for goods or services made by a qualifying customer (for details of how joint account holders and additional credit card customers' transactions are treated please see the ‘It’s On Us’ qualifying customers – additional information question above),
    • not be a cash withdrawal, a payment into a bank, savings or investment account, or a transfer of money to another account held by you or someone else, and
    • not be an excluded transaction because of the nature of the organisation the goods or services are being purchased from. These include organisations that offer financial services and insurance; gambling services, including casinos, betting and bookmakers; short term loans and debt collection and debt management services, including payday lending and pawnbrokers; adult entertaining and merchandising services, including dating and escorting services; internet drug stores; funeral services and crematories; government offices or departments and organisations connected with the military, politics or religious, or charitable bodies and social services. 

    Eligible transactions can be made in a variety of ways including in person, online, over the phone, by mobile payment or contactless technology. We will not supply you with a list of your eligible transactions that have been entered in any particular ‘It’s On Us’ selection.

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  4. How and when will the 'It's On Us' transactions be selected?

    From 28th November 2013, we will randomly select 1,001 eligible debit or credit card transactions of up to and including £500 to pay back each week.

    We will randomly select 143 transactions each day from the eligible debit and credit card transactions processed on the three consecutive days prior to that selection. The table below shows when the processed transactions will be entered into a selection:

    Selection day Includes transactions processed on three preceding days
    Monday Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Tuesday Saturday, Sunday, Monday
    Wednesday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
    Thursday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    Friday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Saturday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Sunday Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    Transactions are not always processed on the day you use your credit or debit card. The way our systems work means that there could be a one or two day delay between you using your debit or credit card and the transaction being processed. In addition, we only process debit and credit card transactions on working days. Where a transaction is made on a non-working day, it will usually be processed the next working day, although as explained above there could be a delay. This mostly affects weekend transactions, which will usually be processed the following Monday (as long as that is a working day).

    This means that the number of transactions entered into the selections will vary from day to day, depending on how many transactions have been processed, and the day of the week. Because we don't process transactions on non-working days, there are likely to be fewer transactions in selections that take place on Mondays, whilst selections on Wednesdays and Sundays are likely to have more transactions included.

    However, we strongly advise you not to change your spending behaviour based on these possible variations. This summary is only an indication of what usually happens, however this can vary on any day, depending on how many transactions each of our customers makes each day. Also, the delay between the day you use your card and the day the transaction is processed means that you cannot be sure when your transaction will be processed. ‘It’s On Us’ selections are always random.

    When an individual transaction has been selected, it will be removed from the pool of transactions for selection and will not be carried forward for a subsequent selection. It will therefore not be possible for an individual transaction to be selected more than once.

    If an ‘It’s On Us’ random selection cannot take place as scheduled, and is not cancelled under these rules, it will take place as soon as reasonably possible afterwards, following the mechanics explained above.

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  5. What happens if one of my transactions is selected?

    You will be able to see if one of your transactions has been selected through your Everyday Offers homepage. It will appear as an entry with the merchant name ‘It’s On Us’ within your earnings statement. We may also tell you in other ways, for example within Internet Banking or, if we have your permission to do so, by email, where we hold a valid email address. This will usually be within three to ten days of your transaction being made. We will make your payment into the relevant current account on or before the last working day of the following month. (Please bear in mind that if your transaction was carried out over a month end, weekend or bank holiday, this can affect when we make your payment as, due to our systems, there may be a day or two between your transaction being carried out and the ‘It’s On Us’ random selection.) We will never ask you directly for any account information for this purpose, for example if we email you.

    If your qualifying transaction is for an amount under £5 and is selected, we will round the value up and pay £5 into the relevant current account.

    If a qualifying customer has a transaction selected, but dies at any time before we are due to pay it, the transaction value will be paid into the relevant current account, as long as it is still open.

    Details of all selected transactions, including customer name, county of residence and reimbursement amount will be available on request by emailing us at lloydsbankitsonus@lloydsbank.co.ukemail address, and by signing up for ‘It’s On Us’ you agree that we may use this limited information about you in this way. We may ask customers whose transactions are selected to take part in further publicity.

    If a qualifying customer participating in ‘It’s On Us’ is also an employee of one of the companies in Lloyds Banking Group, we will meet any tax liabilities that may result from the draw. There is therefore no requirement for such colleagues to take any action in relation to their tax position.

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  6. What if you make a mistake?

    We try our best to make sure that our records are correct, and that all qualifying debit and credit card transactions have been included in the relevant ‘It’s On Us’ selection. However, it is possible that, in a small number of cases, a qualifying transaction may be included more than once, or not entered at all.

    Where a qualifying transaction is included more than once, we will not be responsible in any way to other ‘It’s On Us’ participants. We’ll take reasonable steps to prevent an individual transaction from being selected more than once. If, for whatever reason, a qualifying transaction is left out of our records or out of an individual ‘It’s On Us’ selection, we will not be responsible to the qualifying customer for any potential payment back he or she could have had.

    We will also not be responsible to any qualifying customer if a particular selection cannot go ahead, is delayed or cancelled because of a legal or regulatory issue, a systems failure, the failure by any third party to perform services or for any cause beyond our reasonable control.

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  7. What if I no longer want to participate in ‘It’s On Us’?

    If at any time you decide you no longer want to participate in ‘It’s On Us’, you can use the settings tab in your Everyday Offers homepage to withdraw. Please note that this withdrawal will be effective for both ‘It’s On Us’ and Everyday Offers. If you want to continue to participate in Everyday Offers, without ‘It’s On Us’, please call the Everyday Offers helpline on 0345 606 6406 (+44 1733 462253).

    If you close your Lloyds Bank current account you will no longer be eligible for ‘It’s On Us’. If you have any outstanding ‘It’s On Us’ payments due to be made to your account please call the Everyday Offers helpline on 0345 606 6406 (+44 1733 462253).

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  8. What if you want to stop offering ‘It’s On Us’, or delay, cancel or change it?

    We may cancel or suspend any of the ‘It’s On Us’ random selections, or stop operating ‘It’s On Us’ altogether, without notice, where we are prevented from continuing because of:

    • a legal or regulatory issue
    • a systems failure
    • the failure by any third party to perform services; or
    • for any cause beyond our reasonable control.

    If this happens, we will place a notice on our website as soon as we are practically able to.

    In the event of technical issues which could impact on the running of ‘It’s On Us’ in accordance with these rules, we may also delay the launch of our ‘It’s On Us’ programme without notice in advance. If this happens we will place a notice on our website as soon as we are practically able to.

    We reserve the right to stop your participation in ‘It’s On Us’ immediately, either temporarily or permanently, if:

    • we have reasonable grounds to believe that you’re abusing the service, 
    • we suspect that you’re attempting to gain cashback or a reimbursement through fraudulent or other illegal means, or 
    • you have given us false information about yourself or another account holder. 

    If so, you’ll stop seeing ‘It’s On Us’ in Everyday Offers and we may ask you to call us so that we can explain why and tell you if and when you can participate again, subject to any legal requirements.

    We reserve the right to withdraw the ‘It’s On Us’ programme on a temporary or permanent basis at any time by giving you 60 days’ notice online.

    Subject to the exception for Northern Ireland explained below, if we make any changes to these rules we will notify you online before we make them. Print, save or take a screen shot of any changes that are made for your records.

    ‘It’s On Us’ is a free prize draw. Due to the different law that applies it is not currently available to customers registered in our records as living in Northern Ireland. If the law in Northern Ireland changes, and we are able to offer ‘It’s On Us’ to customers there, we may do so and can change these rules accordingly. If this happens we will place a notice on our website as soon as we are practically able to following the change, but we do not have to notify you in advance should we make this change.

    If we do make any changes to ‘It’s On Us’, customers who no longer wish to participate are free to opt out under these rules.

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  9. Adjudication and audit

    By signing up for ‘It’s On Us’ you agree that we may share the details of your transactions with the independent adjudicator to verify that the random selections have been carried out in line with these rules. At the beginning of ‘It’s On Us’ our independent adjudicator is KPMG LLP.

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  10. The promoter

    Lloyds Bank plc is the promoter of ‘It’s On Us’. Its registered office is at 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. In these rules, where we refer to ‘we’ we mean Lloyds Bank plc.

    In all matters relating to ‘It’s On Us’, our decision is final and we will not respond to further questions or queries.

    The ‘It’s On Us’ programme and these rules are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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Important legal information

Lloyds Bank plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 119278. Authorisation can be checked on the Financial Services Register at www.fca.org.ukVisit the Financial Conduct Authority website.. Lloyds Bank plc is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Financial Ombudsman Service. We subscribe to the Lending Code; copies of the Code can be obtained from www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk.Visit the Lending Standards Board website.

Lloyds Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales No. 2065.