Advantage Saver Account important information

Our agreement with you is made up of general conditions (contained in the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions & Banking Charges (PDF)) and additional conditions which are detailed below. If there is any overlap or conflict between the additional conditions and the general conditions, the additional conditions apply.

The Advantage Saver Account is an instant access savings account with variable interest rates available when you have an eligible Added Value Account (AVA) from our current account range. It is provided by Lloyds Bank plc.


1.1 To have the Account you must have an AVA and open the Account with a deposit of at least £1.

1.2 You can only have one Account for each AVA that you have. If you have one joint AVA you can either have one Account in your joint names or each of you can have an Account in your sole names.

1.3 If you close your AVA, you will no longer be entitled to the Account and we will make arrangements with you to close it and transfer your balance to another account in our savings range.

Deposits and withdrawals

2.1 You can pay money into the Account in branch, or by transferring money from another account with us or another bank.

2.2 You can make withdrawals from the Account at any of our branches but you can only make payments from the Account to another Lloyds Bank current or savings account in your name (or in the case of a joint account, in any of your names) with us. You cannot set up standing orders on the Account to make these payments.

2.3 You can ask us for a Cashpoint® card to make deposits to and withdrawals from the Account.


3.1 The Account interest rates only apply to balances of £1 or more. The interest rates are variable and will vary depending on the amount in the Account.

3.2 We will pay interest once a year on the anniversary of opening the Account unless you choose to receive it monthly. Monthly interest is paid on the same date each month as you opened the Account.

3.3 You can ask us to pay interest into a different account with us.

3.4 You will find our current interest rates for the account in our UK branches, online at or by phoning us on 0345 300 0000Call telephone number 0345 300 0000 or 01733 347007Call telephone number 01733 347007.

Cooling off

4.1 If you are not happy with your choice of account or service, you can cancel it within 30 days of opening the account or taking the service. We will then help you to move to another account we offer or will return your money to you with any interest you have earned.