Viewing statements and transferring money online

Make fast, easy transfers between Lloyds Bank accounts and search your statements from as far back as 1 July 2002.

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What you can do

To get to your statements: click on the account name or picture next to it.

Example of a Lloyds Bank statement

Search your statements: with Internet Banking, you can see your statements as far back as 1 July 2002 and search for specific items, such as payments you’ve made and cheques you’ve written.

Change the order of your transactions: to see your latest transactions on the top or at the bottom of your statement, just click on the green triangle displayed next to the Date field. The order of your statement will flip.

Example of a Lloyds Bank statement


To save time, click View a mini-statement and we'll show you the last 5 transactions.

View, search, print and download your statements with the tools displayed on the screen.

Example of a Lloyds Bank statement

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Find out more about online statements: Watch the demo

Go paperless, for a better way to stay in control.

Switch to paperless and instead of waiting for your Current Account and Savings statements to arrive by post, you can view them whenever you want. Join the millions of Internet Banking customers who have already switched to paperless statements.

It’s quick and easy to transfer money using Internet Banking.

  • To transfer money between your current and savings account: click the Make a Quick Transfer link on your account page.
  • To get money to friends, family or businesses: select Make a payment next to your account.

For security we’ll double-check it’s you making the payment by giving you a quick automated call to confirm it.

Find out about our automated security call

  • How long does it take for money to be transferred?

    To make a payment online, the account you're paying into has to be enabled to take Faster Payments. The money will usually go through within two hours (provided it’s within the Faster Payments Service limits).

    However, sometimes it can take up to the close of business the next working day from the day the payment is sent.

    If the account you want to pay into can’t take Faster Payments you won’t be able to make the payment online.

    Check the account you want to pay into can take Faster Payments – use the sort code checker (opens in a new window).

  • How much can you pay and how long does it take?

    Different payment types have different limits. The table below shows you how much you can send and how long it’ll take.

    Transfer money between your existing Lloyds Bank accounts Making a payment to another account
    Daily Transaction limit Up to £1,000,000 Up to £25,000
    Received Immediately Within two hours. Most Faster Payments will be received within 2 hours, but you should allow up to close of business the next working day.

    Your daily limit includes:

    • bill payments
    • payments to individuals
    • new standing orders
    • increases in a standing order