How to register

It only takes a few minutes to register online for Internet Banking.
Start enjoying a service that provides a quick and secure way to manage your finances 24/7.


Register online

This is a quick and easy process which should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Have one of your account details to hand, enter your details and choose a User ID and password. Don’t share this information with anyone else.


We’ll call you

To verify it’s you registering for Internet Banking, we’ll call you on the number we have on record. If this is not possible then we will send you an activation code in the post instead.


Log on

Enter the User ID and password you chose during registration. We’ll then ask you to set up some memorable information. You’ll need this every time you log on.

  • This will take you about 5 minutes
  • This should take between 4-6 working days to be delivered
  • Immediately

Here's the detail

Step 1

The first page of registration is to ‘help us identify you’, here you’ll need to enter some personal details so we can find you on our systems. You’ll  need details of one of your Lloyds Bank accounts to hand.

The second page is where you select your Internet Banking log on details. Choose a User ID which is 9-30 characters and is something you’ll remember. You’ll also need to choose a password which is 6-15 characters, avoiding anything too simple such as ‘abc123’, which may be easy for others to guess.

Step 2

The next step is we’ll call you to verify that it’s you registering for Internet Banking. You can choose which number we call you on as long as it’s one we already have on record for you. Clear instructions are provided both on screen and when we call you on how to complete this part of registration. In some circumstances we may not be able to call you and you will instead receive an activation code to your home address within the next few days.

Step 3

Registration complete. If you successfully completed our security call, you can log on straight away using your chosen User ID and password. You will then be asked to set up some memorable information, which you will need to use to log on in the future.

If you had to wait for an activation code, this should arrive in the post within the next few days. Once received, log on using your chosen User ID and password and then on the next screen you will be asked to enter this activation code.

Once logged in successfully, you will be given a tour of Internet Banking and you’ll be able to enjoy all the great benefits banking online has to offer. If you need any help using Internet Banking click on ‘Help & Support’ on the right hand side when you’re logged in where you’ll find answers to common questions and also a ‘Show Me’ help tool which can guide you through how to do common transactions such as making a payment.