We aim to keep our rates and charges clear and easy to understand so it’s easier for you to make comparisons. Use the links below to see how much interest you’re
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Products Details
Current accounts Interest rates and charges across our current account range.

Current account rates | Current account charges
Private Details of the rates and charges for Private Banking.

Private Banking rates| Private Banking Premier charges | Private Banking Mayfair charges (Personal | Private Banking Mayfair charges (Business)
Savings The interest rates that can make your money grow.

Savings rates
Mortgages Current mortgage fees and charges.

Mortgage fees and charges
Credit cards Credit card rates and charges.

Duo Avios Credit Card Summary box | Premier Duo Credit Card Summary box | Advance Mastercard Credit Card Summary box | Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card Summary Box Platinum Purchase Credit Card Summary box| Student Credit Card Summary box
Currency The charges you can expect to pay for our currency services.

Currency charges
Direct Investments (share dealing) Rates and charges for our Direct Investments service.

Direct Investments rates and charges
Non-marketed products Interest rates across our range of non-marketed products.

Non-marketed rates
Other service charges Details on any product not included in the list above.

Other service charges