Consumer testing

It’s important that we know what consumers think when we’re trying to develop or improve our services. That’s why we appreciate your help with consumer testing.

Compare Savings Accounts Testing


Please be aware that this is only a test

  • We won’t create a record or open an account for you. 
  • By taking part you aren’t committed to using any of our services.
  • Your responses will only be used to improve our services.
  • We won’t keep or share any of your personal data.

Next steps

Please complete the following three steps:


Your aim

You’ll see a website that shows different savings accounts. Pick just one account that seems best for you and apply for it.


Test scenario

Imagine you want to pay £3,000 in to the savings account. You don’t think you’ll need to withdraw any of this money in the near future.


Provide feedback

Go to the survey and provide feedback. Was the website helpful, with all the information you needed, or was it a waste of your time? Was it a useful or frustrating experience?

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