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About Us

In an increasingly digital world, Lloyds Banking Group is building its business and strategy with customer needs firmly at the centre. Responding to the changing pace of the digital landscape, we are working to build the bank of the future with colleagues, customers and communities in mind.

In order to truly understand customer needs and attitudes, we strive to use data for good. In partnership with academics, large corporates, social enterprises, charities and government agencies, we work to understand the UK’s digital capabilities so that we can partner with organisations and implement initiatives that will make a real difference.

In 2017 alone, working with our telephony and branch colleagues, we helped 700,000 people face to face. As part of our Helping Britain Prosper plan, we will train a further 1.8 million individuals, small businesses and charities in digital skills by 2020.

Key facts about the index report:

  • Annual behavioural study of 1 million consumers.
  • We speak to 2,700 consumers directly on the phone and data-match their behaviours with their attitudes.
  • In total we speak to 9,000 consumers face to face or on the phone to understand how they feel and what they think.

How is the Consumer Digital Index used?

  • Underpins the Lloyds Banking Group Helping Britain Prosper plan to support digital capability across the UK.
  • The insight informs financial wellbeing and digital skills programmes, including our Digital Workshops, helping small businesses, charities and our network of 25,000 Digital Champions to support their local communities.
  • Used by corporates and practitioners to inform training provision – the study has underpinned the Google Garage proposition and informed HMRC’s colleague digital skills training.
  • Provides the insight that underpins the UK Government’s Digital Skills Partnership initiative with cross-sector partners.
  • The Basic Digital Skills framework is shaping the Department for Education’s Digital Skills Entitlement policy, providing free digital skills training for UK adults from 2020.

Thoughts from our partners this year

Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport logo

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

"I want everyone to make the most of digital technology; the Consumer Digital Index is critical to understanding not only the scale of the work to do, but also in informing how we can deliver targeted programmes."

Margot James, Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries

Tech Partnership logo

The Tech Partnership

"The Consumer Digital Index provides a very valuable insight into the current environment and the digital skills gaps that exist. Working together, we can make a real difference to digital skills, to the benefit of individuals and to the nation."

Karen Price OBE, Chief Executive

Good Things Foundation logo

Good Things Foundation

"With 11.3 million adults still lacking all five Basic Digital Skills, there is a hard task ahead. By focusing on continuing what works, working in partnership and co-ordinating effectively, I think we can make a huge impact not just on reducing this number, but on improving people’s lives."

Helen Milner, Chief Executive

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Address from Margot James, Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries

Hear from Margot James on the importance of the Index report and how working together in collaboration and partnerships, is key to accelerating the pace of change and creating a Britain fit for the future.

We are always looking for partners who are as passionate about the agenda and data-driven change, as we are. Please get in touch with the Digital Insights and Partnerships team at:

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Tools and resources

Our useful tools and resources include information on best practice and how to act on key findings.

Tools and resources

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Download the report

Download the 2018 UK Consumer Digital Index for more detail.

Download report (PDF)

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