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Diversity and Inclusion

Our approach to diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is central to our business success. Our customer base is very diverse and we need to ensure that we understand and can meet their needs if we are to be successful. Reflecting the diversity of the UK in our own workforce helps us to achieve that goal.

We are creating an environment where everyone can provide excellent service to our diverse customers and develop their individual careers, whatever their background.

Our commitment starts at the top of the organisation. Our Group Executives sponsor our diversity programme, taking the lead on initiatives that improve both the quality of our customer service and the working environment for our colleagues.

Through a range of initiatives and strategies we work hard to ensure Lloyds Bank is inclusive for all colleagues and customers.

Valuing Difference

We are committed to making Lloyds Bank a great organisation for our customers to do business and for our employees to work. We want to ensure our team reflects 21st-century Britain: a team in which differences are welcomed and everyone is treated fairly and with dignity and respect, regardless of their differences.

Work life balance

We know how important it is for our colleagues to achieve a balance between their work and personal lives. We are committed to building a culture that encourages innovative agile working policies and practices. We recognise that embedding these is essential if we are to truly benefit as a business from different ways of working.

Flexible working is an option for all advertised roles as stated on our recruitment portal. We also have policies in place to support working parents and carers.


The Group Disability Programme spans a range of key areas, including recruitment, retention, products and services for customers and collaboration with our suppliers and partners. The programme is widely respected across our industry and other business sectors.

A key component of the full programme is our workplace adjustment programme, which equips people with disabilities for work with the Group.

Over 17,000 colleagues have completed the programme, which has achieved a 98% participant satisfaction rating.

Our Access network is the voice of our disabled colleagues, and is open to all colleagues (disabled, non-disabled and carers), Membership has exceeded 1500 members and helps shape our policies and activities around disability.

Sexual orientation

Our sexual orientation programme is widely respected as one of the best of its kind. We’ve been rated as a top ten private sector company in the Stonewall Workplace Equality index for the past three years, with our Rainbow Network achieving ‘Star Performer’ status.

We are proud that Lloyds Bank was the first bank to feature a gay couple in a product advertising campaign.

Our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleague network, Rainbow, plays a pivotal role in our approach and, with over 1800 members and supporters, is one of the largest networks of its kind in the UK.


We want to lead in our industry by improving gender diversity amongst our senior managers, because research suggests businesses with a better gender balance at this level perform better than their competitors.

Lloyds Banking Group’s Helping Britain Prosper plan includes our commitment to having 40 percent of senior roles filled by women by 2020. We’re focusing on building a strong, sustainable pipeline of talented women for our most senior roles.

Our women’s network, Breakthrough, provides support and networking opportunities and has more than 11,000 members, including men.

Our ‘Footprints in the Snow’ role models programme highlights the career paths taken by our most senior female managers, providing inspiration and useful steppingstones for other women.

Our inclusion in The Times Top 50 employers for women for the third year in succession also sends out a positive signal to colleagues and customers.

Ethnic diversity

The UK population is growing in ethnic diversity and it’s important that we keep up with these changes. If the diversity of our colleagues reflects the diversity of our customers we can better understand their needs and build deeper relationships.  Our aim is to increase the ethnic diversity of our workforce and unlock the potential of our ethnic minority colleagues. Our ethnic diversity programme includes:

  • Visible executive commitment
  • Career Development Programme for ethnic minority managers. Launched in 2011, these workshops help to support and develop talented ethnic minority colleagues to achieve their first management and senior management roles.
  • REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) network - which connects, supports and develops ethnic minority colleagues.


We recognise that faith can play a crucial role in who we are, the values we bring to work and the way we conduct ourselves, as colleagues and customers.

Respecting different viewpoints is vital to building an inclusive environment in which we can all make the fullest contribution to the success of our business.

Understanding the complexity of religious beliefs within our communities will help us to build better, deeper relationships with our customers.

Generational diversity

There’s a strong business case for us to be an age-aware organisation. Colleagues of all age groups need to feel engaged with the organisation. Customers of all age groups must feel that we understand their financial needs.

By attracting and keeping a generationally diverse workforce we can ensure we improve customer service, and at the same time retain skills, talent and expertise.

The make up of the UK population is changing. There will be fewer people in younger age groups and more people in older age groups in the next decade. This is important for the way we do business, in terms of attracting and retaining customers and colleagues.


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