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Try it free for 3 months

Sign up now and try Business Finance Assistant free for 3 months. If you choose to continue, it’s only £5 per month with no obligation and you can cancel any time. 

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Manage every expense

Manage every expense

View and manage your expenses all in one place.

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Track your performance

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital

Submit VAT returns using HMRC-recognised accounting software.

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Key features and benefits


  • Photo-capture and store your receipts and expenses.
  • Identify potential shortfalls in advance with cash-flow forecasting.
  • Customise and issue professional-looking quotes and invoices.
  • Produce digital VAT submissions, ready for Making Tax Digital.
  • Auto-categorise your transactions across business accounts.
  • Allow access to an unlimited number of users, including your accountant.
  • View all of your accounts, including those with other providers all in one place.
  • Get the most out of Business Finance Assistant by using our support site
Tim Harris of HTC Associates says "The software is excellent"

"The software is excellent, we are now creating and emailing our invoices and quotes direct"

Tim Harris
HTC Associates

Track sales and invoices

Profit and loss chart

Forecast cash flow

Cashflow forecast chart

Manage every expense

Track your performance

Making Tax Digital

  • Here we answer your most frequently-asked questions (FAQs).

    You can also find a full list of FAQs here:

    Help & Feedback Section – Lloyds Bank Business Finance Assistant (


    Is our accounting software easy to use?
    Yes. We’ve designed it in a way which is simple and intuitive. Business Finance Assistant offers similar features as our competitors and at a competitive price. Our support model includes a virtual helpdesk to answer your queries, in addition to our knowledge hub which includes videos that show you exactly how to use your  accounting software.

    What is Making Tax Digital and how can Business Finance Assistant support me with this?
    Making Tax Digital is a new requirement from HMRC for businesses to submit their VAT returns digitally. This requirement will also extend to Self-Assessments in c.2024 and Corporation Tax in 2026. Business Finance Assistant is listed on the HMRC Making Tax Digital compliance list and can help you create and send digital tax returns to HMRC directly.

    How can I customise Business Finance Assistant features so it works best for my business?
    You can use features such as our cash-flow forecasting tool to drill down into time periods that are most relevant to your business. You can also invite your accountant and other people involved in your business to access Business Finance Assistant to help you manage your accounts.

    How does Business Finance Assistant work for businesses similar to mine?
    BFA is used by businesses of all types and sizes. Businesses who regularly invoice clients have found Business Finance Assistant helps them to save time and ensures they also produce professional-looking invoices. We also know it’s easy to lose track of who hasn’t paid so our invoice features easily show you who has unpaid and gives you the option to remind them via a simple email.

    Subscription Model

    How much does Business Finance Assistant cost?
    Your first three months are free. After your initial trial, Business Finance Assistant is just £5 per month. Business Finance Assistant is priced competitively compared to some of the other accounting software’s in the market.

    Will I be stuck in a contract?
    No. You can cancel anytime from within your Business Finance Assistant account:

    1. Select the 'Your Profile' menu in the top-right corner of the screen
    2. Select 'Account and Billing' from the drop-down menu
    3. Select 'Cancel subscription'. Please note this option is only available to those who have an active subscription
    • Hold a business account with Lloyds Bank
    • Be registered for Online for Business or Commercial Banking Online
    • UK based business
    • Public limited companies are not eligible.
    • Please note the BFA platform’s VAT return preparation functionality is not designed for use by partially exempt businesses and does not facilitate the automation of partial exemption calculations. For more detail on partial exemption, see the government website Partial exemption (VAT Notice 706) - GOV.UK
  • Important information

    • Try our service for the first 3 months for free via our introductory offer. After this, we’ll ask you whether you want to continue with the service at a charge of £5 per month.
    • Please find our terms and conditions.

Making tax digital

The Government now requires digital submissions for tax information. Understand how Making tax digital impacts you.

Existing customers

If you are already registered for Business Finance Assistant you can log on here. We also have how to videos, webinars and FAQs available to help you get started and make the most of your account.

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