How can equipment finance help your business?

Accessing the latest equipment can be crucial to your business but most businesses don’t have the cash to buy outright. That’s where equipment finance can help. It allows you to pay monthly for the plant, machinery or technology assets your business needs, without putting pressure on cash flow. You can also lease equipment to get all the benefits without the risks of ownership.

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Enquire about equipment finance

Enquire about equipment finance

Get a quote, apply online or speak to one of our specialists who can tailor a finance solution to your business needs.

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Ready to choose your equipment finance?

Enquire about equipment finance

Enquire about equipment finance

Get a quote, apply online or speak to one of our specialists who can tailor a finance solution to your business needs.

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Why finance business equipment?

Fund what you need

Get access to the right tools to improve productivity, efficiency or sustainability.

Spread the cost

Pay monthly instead of paying in advance and impacting cash flow.

Choose to own or lease

Choose from hire purchase or leasing options with terms up to 60 months.

What type of equipment finance is right for you?

There are different ways to fund equipment or machinery depending on what it is, whether you’re buying new or used, and if you prefer to hire it or want to own it at the end of the agreement.

Business Hire Purchase

Our most popular asset finance option helps you spread the cost.

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  • Option to own at end

  • New or used

  • Wide range of equipment, plant and machinery

  • Fund up to 90% of price

  • 12 to 60 months

More about Hire Purchase

Finance Lease

An affordable way to lease equipment without owning it.

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  • Extend or sell at end

  • New or used

  • Wide range of plant and machinery

  • Fund up to 100% of price

  • 12 to 60 months primary lease

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Other equipment finance options

  • Sale & Hire Purchase Back can help spread the cost of a recent purchase and release funds back into your business.

    If you’ve bought equipment for your business using either cash or your overdraft in the last 6 months (if you live in England and Wales, or 3 months if you’re in Scotland), Sale & Hire Purchase Back could help you release cash flow by paying for it monthly instead.

    You won’t need to pay a deposit and can choose to make repayments over 12 to 60 months.  At the end of your agreed term, you’ll own the asset again.

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  • Discounted finance for equipment that improves energy efficiency with Lloyds Bank’s Clean Growth Financing Initiative (CGFI)

    Funding can support equipment that delivers significant improvements in energy efficiency, lowers chemical or water usage, or allows more waste products to be recycled. It also includes industrial equipment powered by alternative or renewable energy, such as hydrogen, electric, solar or biogas.

    The discount is available for 5 years on assets valued at over £25,000 and linked to our qualifying green purposes.

    More about green asset finance

  • Manage risk and protect cash flow when buying business equipment from overseas.

    Spread the costs of purchases over £100,000 from overseas. The funds are only released when your supplier meets their obligations to help protect your investment.

    More about Capital Import Finance


Business equipment we finance

Whether you’re looking to buy or lease, our asset finance specialists can tailor a finance solution for a range of new or used equipment:

  • Standard plant and machinery
  • Bespoke plant and machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction and plant hire equipment
  • Food manufacturing equipment
  • Office equipment and IT

Frequently asked questions

  • The equipment that you use to carry out your day-to-day operations is classed as a business asset. Equipment finance is a type of asset finance that allows you to spread the cost of the asset over time. This helps you to manage cash flow as you won’t have to pay the full cost upfront and makes budgeting easier as you’ll pay monthly costs instead.

  • You can use Hire Purchase or Finance Lease for most types of new or used equipment for your business, subject to qualifying criteria, including:

    • Tools and equipment;
    • Standard or bespoke plant and machinery;
    • Office and IT equipment; and
    • Vehicles including cars, vans, buses and coaches.
  • Equipment finance is used solely for the purpose of buying or leasing a specific agreed piece of equipment. It uses the value of the equipment as security for the finance you need to borrow to buy or lease it. At the end of your agreement, you will have different options including owning your equipment, selling it or extending your lease.

  • Pricing is tailored on the asset you want to buy or lease.

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