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Making UK payments online

As a business, you’ll require different ways of paying suppliers and employee’s wages. We can help you manage your payments in a reliable and efficient manner; you can make payments, manage UK Sterling direct debits and standing orders and send money abroad online through Internet Banking.

What you can do online

  • Add new and manage existing recipients
  • Pay suppliers or bills on the same day with Faster Payments
  • Amend and delete pending payments
  • Use our Online Payment Control service to set payment limits for one or more users.

Interactive payments demo

Our interactive demo shows you how simple it is to make payments to new and existing recipients.

Managing Direct Debits and Standing Orders online

UK Sterling Direct Debits

A Direct Debit is a method of payment where you give a company permission to withdraw money from your account and pay it into their account.

Managing your Direct Debits

Monitor your outgoings when you keep track of your Direct Debits online. You can:

  • see all your Direct Debits including when they were last paid and their frequency.
  • cancel your Direct Debits – although it’s always worth contacting the company you’re paying to confirm the cancellation, so no payments are taken by mistake (especially if you’re still receiving services from them).
  • You can’t set up Direct Debits to other companies online – that needs to done by the company you are paying.

Standing Orders

A Standing Order is an instruction you give to your bank to pay a fixed amount to someone else or to one of your own eligible Lloyds Bank accounts on a regular basis, for a set amount of time. The payments are taken from your account on agreed dates, usually monthly.

Setting up a Standing Order

It’s easy to set up and manage standing orders online. These are payments of a fixed amount, to people and companies, at a regular time chosen by you.

To set up a standing order, you’ll need to know:

  • the recipient’s details, account number and sort code
  • the amount you want to pay them, and the frequency
  • the date of the first payment
  • You may also need a reference if you’re paying a company.
  • You can see, add, change or delete any of your standing orders online whenever you want.