WEBINAR: Making payments in Online for Business

Did you know that in 2021 customers sent over £100 billion in payments on Online for Business? In this webinar we’ll show you how easy it is to make payments safely and securely online. We’ll give you tips on how to prepare, and guide you through the important steps for making payments online.

Watch the video to learn how to:

  • Add and delete new payment recipients
  • Create new payments to be sent instantly and up to 30 days in the future
  • Amend or cancel scheduled payments.

Questions and Answers

  • There are a number of payment limits within Online for Business. For Faster Payments you can pay up to £250,000 per day and per transaction.

    For future-dated payments and standing orders, your transactional limit is £99,999 and it must fall within the £250,000 daily limit.

    When sending money outside of the UK, your international payment limit is £250,000 per day and per transaction.

    Bulk payments limits are separate as they use BACS instead of Faster Payments, you can make an additional £250,000 per day and per transaction.

  • The mobile app is the most simple and fast way to make payments with Online for Business. You can add and delete payees on the app, make payments and create standing orders. At the moment you can’t amend future payments 

  • Yes, you can set up Online Payment Controls to require two signatures to confirm a payment. On the Account Overview page, go to More Actions, Online Payment Control and then you can apply for two to authorise or three to authorise all payments. There is a third option called ‘User Limit’, whereby you can set a particular user a specific limit which they can make payments up to that limit, anything over that limit would need authorising by a full signatory on the online banking service.

    Learn more about Online Payment Control

  • The best thing to do, if you have a Relationship Manager, is to speak to your Relationship Manager or to contact our Fraud helpline immediately on 0345 600 9656. This is a number that you should have, it will be on your paperwork somewhere, keep it to hand. It’s useful to save this in your phone book to use in case of emergency. If something is untoward, then straightaway the colleague in our call centre will put a block onto your account while they correct the situation. 

  • This is not possible within Online for Business, but you can do this on another Lloyds Bank platform, Commercial Banking Online

  • You can allow other people access to your Online for Business account by get them to register as a user. For example, if you wanted an accountant to access your accounts, they would go online and register as a non-signatory - fill in the application form, then it should be printed off, signed in accordance with the business mandate, posted back to our registration team and once verified this will generate a card and card reader for that party.

    You will only give them the access that you want them to have and that will go on to whether you want them to have online payment control, full access to be able to make payments for you or view only.

    Learn more about how to Manage user access for Online for Business.

  • Whenever you set up a new recipient, you will have to verify this using the card reader. Once this is set up, you will just need to enter in your password. Bear in mind, if you change the details of a current recipient, this may also require the use of the card reader. Now and again, it may ask you to input the details into the card reader but that is just for security purposes.

  • When you are on the Account Overview page, select the More Actions button, on the right hand side there’s a menu, click Account Services, you will be able to see some options for forecasts – you can see the forecast for your cleared balance for everyday for the next 30 days and similarly you can see the forecast for payments up to 30 days from now.

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