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Register for Online for Business

Our three-step registration process is quick, easy and secure, so you can manage and control your finances online ─ saving you time, money and resources.

1. Complete the registration form

Complete the online registration form, enter your details and choose a User ID and password (do not share this information with anyone else).

Please have your account number and sort code at hand. If you are already registered for Internet Banking you will also need your Personal account number and sort code.


2. Print, sign and collect signatures

Print the pre-populated registration form that is automatically generated at the end of your registration.

You will need to sign it and collect all the required signatures, in accordance with the instructions on the form.

3. Post the signed registration form

Return your signed registration form to the freepost address at the bottom.

We will then let you know once we have received your form and when your welcome pack is on the way.

4. Receive your welcome pack

It normally takes 12 working days from when you return your signed registration form to us, until your registration is complete. We will keep you up to date by email and you will receive a welcome letter and welcome pack (including your card and card reader) by post.

Register for Online for Business

Personal and Business Information and Lloyds Banking Group

You understand we may process, record and disclose personal and business data in accordance with the Data Protection Notice.

If you are happy to proceed, please continue with the registration.

Complete our online registration form and then follow the steps to register for Online for Business.

If you forgot to print your registration form or have lost it you can quickly and easily get a replacement. Simply click start registration again and enter your details on the first two screens. The form will then give you the option to either print a replacement or order a paper form to be sent to your business address.