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Improving for you

When banking on the move you need your bank’s website to meet your needs, whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We’ve been working hard to improve your online experience and you will begin to notice our fresh new look and feel website that is being rolled out across the whole of, making it easier to navigate and use our website.

What improvements have been made?

  • New mobile and tablet friendly design – view our website easily on tablet and mobile
  • Improved homepage – fresh new look and feel
  • Clearer navigation – get to where you're going easily with a smart new navigation panel
  • Faster access – reach the things you need quicker, like finding a number to call us
  • More clarity – everything you need to know up front, with no jargon, to help you make informed decisions

Desktop, tablet and mobile devices

What does responsive mean?

It means that no matter what device you’re using to visit, the site will adapt to fit to your screen. You can see and interact with the same content, from mobile phones to home computer screens.

We’ve also improved the look and feel of the site, so when you use a modern web browser, you’ll have a great online experience with us.

New look for Business Banking website

Will I need to do anything differently?

No. Your day-to-day online banking services won't change and you can log on just as easily as you always have. We've made sure the services you use regularly are within easy reach.

Log on to Business Banking

We haven’t done this alone; you’ve helped us shape this new site through testing new features, and we’ve listened to what you've had to say.

Thank you for all the help you’ve given to make even better.