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The cheque clearing process

All cheques written and received by you go through the clearing cycle, a system used by the main UK Banks to transfer money between accounts.

Information relating to sterling cheques issued in the UK

Banks in the UK use the Next Business Day cheque clearing cycle for sterling cheques issued in the UK. The UK cheque clearing system exchanges scanned digital images of cheques. You should anticipate money from cheques you write leaving your account on the next Business Day. You should always ensure you have sufficient funds in your account prior to issuing a cheque.

This is how the cheque clearing cycle works for a Sterling Cheque paid into a Sterling account.

Infographic showing examples of the six business day and next business day clearing cycles.

More information about how the cheque clearing cycle works across UK banks can be found on the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company websiteMore information about the cheque clearing cycle.

These timescales are industry guidelines. Interest calculations and the availability of funds may be earlier in certain circumstances.

Cheques paid in at a branch after 17:00 on a Business Day or any day which is not a Business Day may not begin to be processed until the next Business Day. Some branches have an earlier cut-off than 17:00. A notice will be displayed in such branches which will specify the earlier cut-off time. Cheques paid in via alternate methods than a branch will have different cut-off times. Please refer to the specific Terms & Conditions for that method of deposit for more details.

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