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Help and Guidance

Read our guides to:

Making international payments

Do you know your BIC from your IBAN? This simple guide can help you making your international payments.

Making international payments

Foreign Currency Accounts

Should I open a Foreign Currency Account? This guide can help you decide if a Foreign Currency Account would be useful for your business.

Foreign Currency Accounts (PDF)Guide to Non sterling currency accounts opens in a new window.

International Business

Dipping your toe in the water? This guide can help you through the pros and cons.

International business


Looking to source goods from abroad? Let us help you get started.

ImportingMore information about importing.


If it’s time to expand your customer base into other countries, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and seize the opportunities.

ExportingGuide to exporting.

Understanding your market

Let us help you find the competitive edge in overseas markets.

Understanding your market

Support for your growing business

If the time is right to expand your business, you'll find valuable information here on planning for growth and managing it through.

Support for your growing businessFind out more.

Glossary of terms

INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms) is an internationally recognised set of trading terms. It’s the language you’ll need when you’re trading abroad.

Glossary of termsFind out more about commonly used INCOTERMS.