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At least 1 monthly statement.

You may wish to compare more than one month in order to account for fluctuations in your banking activity.

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Cost Breakdown

Cash at the counter

Your activityBusiness Extra TariffElectronic Business Tariff
Cash paid in£300£1.74£1.71
Cash withdrawn£300£1.74£1.71
Cash exchanged£300£1.74£1.71
Cash total£900£900£900


UK Sterling Direct Debit5£2.00£2.00
Standing Orders5£2.00£2.00
Debit Card Payments5£2.00£2.00
ATM withdrawals from other banks5£2.00£2.00
Internet or telephone banking payments5£2.00£2.00
Number of cheques5£2.00£2.00
Faster payments5£2.00£2.00
Other debits or payments5£2.00£2.00


Number of cheques paid in5£2.00£2.00
Automated Credit5£2.00£2.00
Internet/PhoneBank Credits5£2.00£2.00
Faster Payment Credit5£2.00£2.00
Credit paid in5£2.00£2.00
Credit paid in via Night Safe5£2.00£2.00
Other Credit5£2.00£2.00
Transaction total29
Monthly fee£5.50£5.50
Total cost£19.50£19.50