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Inter-bank agency agreement

Inter-bank agency agreements are arrangements between banks, which provide a range of branch counter services to another bank’s customers by prior arrangement.

They provide a convenient service to business customers who find accessing their own bank’s branches difficult – for example due to location.

The nature and range of the counter services offered under an IBAA is at the discretion of the providing bank.

The counter services available at Lloyds Bank branches are:

  • cash transactions
  • paying in cheques
  • bank giro credits
  • cashing wages/salary cheques
  • night safe services
  • special presentations of cheques
  • collecting returned cheques.

Whilst we wish to be as helpful as possible, there may be local circumstances where we are unable to provide all of these services, for example, if the anticipated volumes of activity exceed the branch capacity.

Once the service is set up, we will claim back charges from your own bank on a quarterly basis. The additional charge, if any, made by the account-holding branch is negotiated with you.

The set-up of a new IBAA can only be made by the account-holding bank.

The process

  • Step one: the other bank’s customer (either personal or business) should approach their own bank advising that they wish to use the branch counter services available at a specific branch or branches of Lloyds Bank.
  • Step two: the account-holding bank will then write, in a mutually agreed format, to the Lloyds Bank branch or branches chosen by the customer, so they can be authorised to handle transactions within agreed parameters.
  • Step three: assuming that there are no constraints at the service-providing branch or branches, the requested facilities would normally be available for use by the customer within ten working days. However, this is provided that the account-holding branch already has an agency arrangement in place and that the customer has provided adequate information and documentation.

If you are a Lloyds Bank customer and you wish to set up an IBAA with another bank, talk to your relationship manager or contact usto set up an IBAA.