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Telephone Banking self service

Our automated service is fast and easy to use. It lets you take care of your day-to-day banking at a time and place that suits you, and there's no need to queue.

Call us on 0345 072 5555Call telephone number 03450725555. If you're calling from abroad or prefer not to use the 0345 number you can call +44 173 3347338Call this telephone number if you prefer not to use th: e 0345 number +44 173 3347338..

With our automated service you can:

  • Access your different business accounts during the same call.
  • Check your balance and any recent transactions.
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Cancel or hear details of your Direct Debits and amend Standing Orders.
  • Order statements, paying-in books and cheque books.

If your query is complex or you wish to speak to someone, just say in a few words what you'd like help with and our automated service will transfer you to the most suitable Business Advisor to help you.

How does it work?

Once you've called us, you'll be asked to:

  1. Say or key in your account number, sort code, date of birth or the 16 digit number from the front of your Business Debit Card.
  2. Tell us digits or characters from your PhoneBank® for Business password, security number, Internet Banking memorable information or CVV from your Business Debit Card.
  3. Let us know what you want to do - the automated system will recognise and respond to what you say.

Register today

Don’t have a security number or password?

You can register by calling 0345 072 5555Call telephone number 0345 072 5555, to make the most of our Business Telephone Banking service.

When you call us to register, you'll be asked to:

  • Enter your 8 digit account number and 6 digit sort code (these can be found on your recent statement) or alternatively enter the 16 digit number from the front of your Business Debit Card.
  • Let us know your date of birth - just say this naturally.
  • Confirm your identity, using your CVV (the last 3 digits from the signature strip on the back of your Business Debit Card), or some characters from your Internet Banking memorable information. If you don't have a Business Debit Card or Internet Banking, we'll just transfer you to speak to one of our friendly advisors.
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Call us

0345 072 5555

From abroad
+44(0) 1733 347 338

From a textphone
0345 601 6909

Our automated system is available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Our Business Advisers are available Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm, and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

Telephone Banking self service guide

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