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Building Resilience – a focus on supply chains

1. Supply chain disruption

The scale of disruption to supply chains has impacted on the ability of all businesses to operate, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many risks and issues that now need to be addressed.

2. Supply chain strategy

Will supply chains now move from a “Just in Time” model to a “Just in case” approach and what will be the impact on businesses and their working capital requirements?  

3. Supply chain actions

What are the key actions that businesses should consider to build resilience within their supply chains both in the short term and over the longer term?

Read our ‘Building resilience – a focus on payments’ brochure

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Building Resilience – a focus on payments

1. Accepting payments in a socially distanced economy

Payments are a critical element to all businesses. Considering solutions that work in a socially distanced world will help your business as lockdown eases and will add resilience for any potential future period of lockdown or other restrictive measures.

2. Digital becomes the prime channel

The importance of an e-commerce solution to combat the effects of lockdown for many businesses has grown, becoming a vital component when building a resilient business.

Creating a new or augmented online channel not only addresses social distancing, but can drive new or incremental revenues.

3. A focus on the future

Consumer behaviour has shifted during the crisis, with rapid adoption of different methods of both buying and paying for goods and services. Businesses should embrace these changes, and move to create improved client experiences that can be sustained into the future.