Core Banking Agreement

What is the Core Banking Agreement?

The Core Banking Agreement (The Agreement) is the collective name for the documents that form your contractual agreement with us for the products and services covered by The Agreement. It includes your terms and conditions and supporting documents, such as application forms and mandates.

Your Terms and Conditions

To make your Terms and Conditions easier to use and understand we have rewritten them, reducing duplication and simplifying language wherever possible. To help us achieve this we have restructured them into three separate documents:

  1. Relationship Terms & Conditions (PDF, 5.9MB)
  2. General Information on Payments, Charges & Contacts (PDF, 7.7MB)

These documents apply to all products and services under the Core Banking Agreement

  1. Product & Services Terms & Conditions

This document is specific to a product or service.

Please see the following for more details:

Relationship Terms & Conditions

This contains the general legal and regulatory terms and conditions, for all products and services provided under The Agreement , covering for example:

  • How we will let you know about changes to your terms and conditions in the future.
  • How we pay and charge interest.
  • General terms on how you can make and stop payments.
  • Notice periods to stop receiving products and services.
  • Our rights to decline or delay acting on your payment instructions.
  • How we will treat your confidential information.
  • Keeping communication clear between us.

General Information on Payments, Charges & Contacts

This contains the general information you will need to know, for all products and services provided under The Agreement, such as:

  • Information about payment instructions including cut-off times and processing dates.
  • Our standard charges. Other specific product and service charges can be obtained from your relationship team.
  • General contact details.
  • Braille, large print and call recording information

Product & Services Terms & Conditions

There are separate product and services terms and conditions for each product and service provided under the Core Banking Agreement.

These Terms and Conditions take precedence over the Relationship Terms & Conditions and General Information on Payments, Charges & Contacts. They cover:

  • Product specific terms and conditions
  • Specific product contact details