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image of Seung-Yun Oxley


Seung-Yun Oxley

Managing Director, Head of Multinationals

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image of Elena Paitra

Consumer & Technology

Elena Paitra

Managing Director, Head of Consumer & Technology

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image of Adrian Walkling

Financial Services

Adrian Walkling

Managing Director, Head of financial Services

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image of Guillaume Fleuti

Industrials & Infrastructure

Guillaume Fleuti

Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure & Industrials

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image of Madeleine McDougall

Real Estate & Housing

Madeleine McDougall

Managing Director, Co-Head of Real Estate & Housing

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image of Andy Hulme

Real Estate & Housing

Andy Hulme

Managing Director, Co-Head of Real Estate & Housing

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image of Mark Burton

Services & Public Sector

Mark Burton

Managing Director, Head of Services & Public Sector

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image of Jonas Persson

Sustainable & Natural Resources

Jonas Persson

Managing Director, Head of Sustainable and Natural Resources

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image of James Ranger

Sponsors & Structured Finance

James Ranger

Managing Director, Head of Sponsors & Structured Finance

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