Corporate Asset Finance

Standard Asset Finance

Asset Finance can help you purchase essential equipment to drive your   business forward without tying up your cash.

Helps you buy new and used assets and spread the cost over their working life. The equipment or asset being purchased acts as security for the facility. When the term ends, you can pay a small ‘transfer of title’ fee and own the asset.

Specialist Asset Finance for £25 million plus customers

Bespoke solutions for larger businesses, requiring asset funding solutions of £250,000 and above. Our own in-house asset management team allows us to take residual value positions on a wide variety of asset classes. 

Operating Lease

Ideal if you’re looking for funding of assets for project or contract work over a defined period of time without the exposure risk of future asset value volatility.

Built in residual (forecast future) value reduces the capital and associated interest charged over the agreed period on the principal amount financed, meaning improved cash flow for your business. At the end of the lease term, you have the option to return the asset to us or to sell the asset on our behalf. 

Structured Loans

For businesses which need more flexibility. Finance assets to be used by an outsourced partner, located overseas, or replaced during the agreement.

The financing solution is matched to the term of the facility, the payment profile and the benefits generated by the underlying asset. The future payments from operational contracts with your customers is sold, or borrowed against, to provide you with a cash sum to fund capital expenditure now.

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Annual Investment Allowance

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) is a regular capital allowance which applies to purchased assets that are used and kept within a business. Some or all of the asset’s value can then be deducted from profits before tax is applied. The AIA limit is currently set at £1,000,000.

Asset Finance for smaller businesses

Asset Finance for smaller businesses

Simple asset financing options for businesses with up to £25m turnover.

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