Fixed and Variable Rate Term Loans

Borrow any amount over £25,000 with a Fixed Rate Loan or a Variable Rate Loan linked to SONIA or the Bank of England bank rate. As well as flexible periods, you can choose from capital and interest or interest-only repayment terms. With Fixed Rate Loans, the interest rate can be fixed for an agreed period on all or part of the underlying loan amount, or for all or part of the total facility maturity.

For more information on the benchmarks, please see our Benchmark Transparency Statement (PDF, 265KB)

Revolving credit 

A flexible way to manage your liquidity and cashflow over the short-medium term. A revolving credit facility allows your business to access funding up to an agreed limit at any time over the duration of the facility, effectively as a series of short-term loans. Loan amounts start at £25,000 with a minimum loan term of a year up to a maximum of five years. Total interest charges will be dependent on the amount of funding used. 

For more information on the benchmarks, please see our Benchmark Transparency Statement (PDF, 265KB)

Specialist finance

Our Sponsors, Debt and Structured Finance team can support large corporates and financial institutions with a broad range of complex financing solutions, with expertise in debt origination, structuring, credit, deal execution, syndication and loan sales.

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  • Bespoke financing and risk management solutions provided direct to private market fund managers and the funds they manage. Products span the fund finance risk spectrum and include investor capital bridging, GP-led and traditional secondaries acquisition financing, liquidity, management company and manager co-invest financing, and foreign exchange hedging.

  • Providing multi-product debt financing, debt advisory, risk management and capital market solutions for assets across the infrastructure, digital and energy space.

Financing solutions, including leveraged loans and high yield bonds to support acquisitions, recapitalisations and refinancings by private equity backed businesses and non-investment grade corporate borrowers.

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Scottish Widows lending

Long-term fixed-rate loans, over £20 million with a lending term of 10 years or more, can be arranged through Scottish Widows. Offering a flexible approach and debt facilities structured to meet your needs, including forward commitments and deferred drawdowns. 


Supporting UK businesses transition to low-carbon, sustainable business models and operations and to pursue clean growth opportunities.

Loans for businesses with up to £100 million turnover

Loans for businesses with up to £100 million turnover

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