International cash management

We work closely with you to develop secure, cost-effective overseas banking. We can even help with the practical things, from checking documentation to overcoming language barriers. 

International Payments

Our Sterling and currency payments solutions offer flexible, cost-effective ways to streamline your payment processes. If you’re making or receiving payments, single or bulk, our solutions help you process payments quickly, simply and economically, and with the highest levels of built-in security. 

Currency Accounts

Currency accounts provide flexibility to help you maximise opportunities from your international operations. You can consolidate your accounts in our ICM service, letting you view balances and transactions, and issue payment instructions on your bank accounts in the UK and overseas. By having a single point of access to local clearing systems overseas you can reduce costs and speed up receipt of cash from customers. 

Foreign exchange

An increasing number of businesses find themselves exposed to foreign exchange risk which they are taking either directly through import/export activity, or indirectly via suppliers. 

We can help you identify and manage your currency exposures, spot opportunities to reduce costs and protect margins as effectively as possible. Our specialist teams will work with you to develop foreign exchange solutions tailored individually to suit your specific currency needs and business objectives. We also offer seamless access to pricing and trade execution across time zones, including our award-winning e-solution, Arena

 All applications for our products and services are subject to eligibility criteria. 

Corporate (USD / EU) Cards

Our Corporate Card payment solutions are available in Euro and US Dollar denominations as well as Sterling. 

A card account billed in Euro or US Dollar can help to minimise the costs of currency conversion when paying suppliers in those currencies.  It also allows you to fix the price so you know the price you are paying for any goods or services.

You also get working capital benefits with up to 59 Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

You’ll need to have opened a Lloyds Bank Business Current account in the relevant currency. 

To find out more, please contact your Relationship Manager. 

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