Client Accounts

Accounts for businesses entrusted with third party deposits

Professional practices such as solicitors or accountancy firms need to hold customers’ funds separately.  Our Client Accounts are protected in line with regulatory obligations including CASS and SRA and our experienced team manages over 200,000 accounts, so you can bank with confidence.

 We offer two types of client accounts to suit your requirements. 

Corporate Undesignated Client Account

Also known as a General Client Account or Pooled Account, an Undesignated Client Account allows you to hold client money for several customers on a pooled basis. Restricted to clients regulated with professional bodies recognised by the Bank for enforcing the highest standards in Anti Money Laundering management. 

Corporate Designated Client Account

Any business required to hold money on behalf of their customers can do so in separate designated accounts.  Unlike the Undesignated Client Account, the Bank will perform Customer Due Diligence checks on your customers prior to opening these accounts.

Deputyship/Appointeeship Debit card

Designated Client Accounts can have Deputyship/Appointeeship Debit cards to help support vulnerable individuals under those arrangements, giving them direct access to their funds. 

A choice of card type is available; chip & PIN, chip & signature or Cashpoint®. Available funds are always checked to prevent unauthorised overdrafts.


  • The underlying individual will have no rights to directly access the bank account other than through ATM cash withdrawals, online purchases and merchant transactions.
  • Minimum age of underlying individual is 11 years. You (our client) are responsible for the capacity assessment of the underlying individual.
  • A Deputyship or Appointeeship needs to be evidenced in the form of a either a court of protection order (Deputyship) or BF57 (Appointeeship). 

Corporate Insurer Trust Account

Hold insurance premiums on behalf of insurance companies with whom there is a formal risk transfer arrangement in place under CASS 5.2.  To hold this account, you need to be a FCA regulated insurance distributor. Premiums collected under this arrangement are not deemed as client money and therefore this is not a Client Account. 

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