ePay Virtual

Next generation business purchase solution

Our ePay Virtual payment solution provides enhanced levels of control on your employees’ online and card-not-present business spend. It also increases the control and visibility over their purchase and travel spend, while improving data capture and reconciliations.

ePay Virtual generates a unique card number only when it is needed for a purchase, with controls set on its credit limit, spend validity dates and end merchant. The virtual card will only be generated once approved by a permitted manager.

Watch our video to find out more about how ePay Virtual works.

Business benefits

  • Enhanced security of online and card-not-present spend.
  • Greater spend control through predefined rules on what the virtual card can be used for and for how much.
  • Improved data and spend visibility to help develop and negotiate improved prices with a preferred supplier list.
  • Tailored reports integrated with your existing accounting and expense management software systems.
  • Quicker and simpler reconciliation processes for invoice and payments.
  • As well as Sterling, also available in Euro and US Dollar denominations to eliminate conversion costs when transacting in those currencies. To take advantage of these options a Lloyds Bank Current account is required in the relevant currency.

Colleague benefits

  • Simplified expense claims process for business travel and other expenses, settled centrally.
  • No issued plastic, reducing the need for a physical card which could be stolen or cloned.
  • Supports quick and efficient purchase procedures without time consuming approval processes or paperwork.

Blue padlockControl & Security

ePay Virtual allows you to control spend and ensure compliance with internal spend, risk and governance policies.

A unique 16-digit virtual card number, with associated CVC and validity date, is created only when needed for a purchase, reducing the ability to steal or clone a card number.

Grey sheetsReporting & MI

ePay Virtual allows for enhanced and quicker data matching, analysis and reconciliation of transactions – eliminating paper/manual administration processes.

Increased reporting allows up to 30 enhanced data elements to be added to transaction details, to help reconciliation processes.

For more information about how ePay Virtual can enhance your business efficiency enquire online.


ePay Virtual: How it works

  • ePay Virtual generates a unique 16-digit virtual card number, with associated CVC and validity date, for card-not-present transactions.
  • New unique virtual card numbers are raised for each transaction, supplier or invoice batch as required.
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