Virtual card payments as part of a Card-based purchasing strategy.

Our ePayable virtual payment solution allows your employees to make purchases efficiently and securely, without time-consuming paperwork and approval processes.

ePayables produces a zero-credit unique card number which is embedded with a supplier to pay for individual or batched purchases. Enhanced data supports quicker and automated reconciliation and admin processes.

Business benefits

  • Greater control of spend, by only transferring funds for an exact amount onto a virtual card.
  • Tailored reports integrated with your accounting and expense management systems.
  • Quick and simple reconciliation processes for invoice and payments.
  • Enhanced security and protection of online and card-not-present spend.
  • Improved relationship with suppliers by allowing quicker payments.
  • Greater visibility of spend to drive price negotiation and rebate opportunities.
  • Reduces need to go through supplier registration processes.
  • As well as Sterling, also available in Euro and US Dollar denominations to eliminate conversion costs when transacting in those currencies. To take advantage of these options a Lloyds Bank Current account is required in the relevant currency.

Colleague benefits

  • No need for a physical card which could be stolen or cloned.
  • Supports quick and efficient purchase procedures without time consuming approval processes or paperwork.

ePayables: How it works

  • ePayables allows suppliers to charge a unique virtual card for individual or batched purchases.
  • An approved payment file from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution immediately funds the zero balance virtual card issued to the supplier with the total invoice amount processed in the Accounts Payable (AP) file.
  • Email remittance is sent to the supplier instructing them to take payment for the amount funded onto the virtual card.


Purchase made


Invoice received and loaded in ERP


Payment file uploaded into Lloyds Bank ePayables generates a contra record


Dynamically funds Purchasing Card on file


Emails remittance advice to Supplier


Supplier processes settlement within 2 days with merchant bank


Transaction Details Point of Sale (POS)


Transaction Details Card Scheme


Transaction Details from Card Processor


Auto matches transaction and reconciles to the original payment.

Blue padlock

Control & Security

ePayables allows you to control spend and ensure compliance with internal spend, risk and governance policies, while reducing the risk of misuse of company funds or cards by employees or suppliers.

Dynamic funding of virtual cards ensures only an exact amount can be taken off each card, eliminating risk of merchants increasing the processing amount.

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Reporting & MI

ePayables simplifies back office systems and improves operational efficiency by eliminating paper/manual processes.

Rich data can be exported into your own systems to speed up administration processes.

Increased reporting allows up to 10 enhanced data elements to be added to transaction details, to help reconciliation processes.

For more information about how ePayables can enhance your business efficiency enquire online.

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