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Change your business address

It’s important that you keep your address up to date. Updating your address for your Business banking account(s) is easy.


Change your business address

You'll need to complete our change of address form, print it, collect the required signatures and post it to the return address shown on the form:

Open form

If you are using Google Chrome please right click ‘Open form’, then ‘Save link as…’ and save the form on your desktop. If you are still having trouble opening the form click here for more troubleshooting support.

Please don't forget to sign the form in accordance with your bank mandate, as we will not be able to carry out your request without the required signatures (e.g. If you have set yourself up as two to authorise we will need two Full Power Signatories to sign the form).


Change your personal details

If you wish to change your personal details such as your name drop into your local branch taking the appropriate acceptable evidence with you.

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Useful forms

Find a list of online forms and resources to help you add signatory access, remove or amend access for existing IB users, create or amend a standing order and more, all in one convenient place.

Useful forms for £0-£3m turnover

Useful forms for £3m-£25m turnover