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Set up a standing order

Find out how to set a standing order from your business accounts.

Standing orders are a way of making fixed payments to a person or business at regular intervals, you control the amount, as well as when and how often it’s paid.

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  1. Log onto Online for Business.
  2. Select Payments and transfers next to the account the standing order will be paid from.
  3. Choose who to pay, then enter the amount and reference.
  4. Tick the ‘Repeat Payment (make this a standing order)’ box.
  5. You’ll now see some additional fields. Select when payment should start, how often it should be made and how long it should continue.

You’ll be able to view, change or delete your standing orders at any time in Online for Business.

By Post

To set up a standing order complete and print the form below. Then sign it in in line with the signing rights for making a payment from your business accounts and send it to the address provided in the form. 

Download the Set up a new standing order form


Having trouble downloading the form?

You may need to save it to your computer. To do so 

  • on a computer, right-click and select ‘Save link/target as’.
  • on a tablet, select ‘open with’ and choose a PDF reader app.

You’ll also need the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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