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We understand that managing your farm’s finances takes more than a bank account. As part of our service, our agricultural team is always on hand to provide guidance and support.

Core banking services

At the heart of our service is an efficient and reliable business account. This makes it easy to arrange recurring payments, transfer money to other accounts and keep a record of all income and expenses.

We also offer a number of ways for you to invest. Your local agricultural business manager can help you choose the best deposit or savings account for your farm.

As a farmer, your day is not exactly nine-to-five. That’s why we provide ways to manage your money when and how it suits you, including:

  • visiting your local branch
  • contacting your agricultural business manager directly over the phone or through email
  • logging onto internet banking from your home or work computer
  • using your mobile to access your accounts or get updates via text.

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Managing risks

Our goal is to help ensure your farm grows and develops in a way that’s sustainable. Pinpointing risks and protecting against them is a major part of this.

Your agricultural business manager will help you develop a strategy for dealing with the risks involved in running a farm. For example, we can help you:

  • manage your exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations, which may impact on grain prices and the value of single farm payments
  • protect your farm with our range of business insurance options
  • plan for retirement and organise the farm’s smooth transition to a new owner.

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Planning for future success

Funding for your farm

We provide tailored funding to help you expand, modernise and diversify your farming business. Your agricultural business manager will work closely with you to determine what type of funding works best for your farm. Your options include:

  • fixed or variable rate business loans
  • financing for essential farm equipment and machinery
  • funds to help you manage cashflow as you wait to be paid by your customers
  • contract hire for your business vehicles.

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Retirement and succession

We know that many farm businesses pass through generations. Our agriculture team has the expertise and experience to help you make a smooth transition.

We're also here to help you prepare for a comfortable retirement. Whether you want to leave the agriculture sector completely or stay partially involved, we’ll work with you to arrange the perfect plan.

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Specialist support

Our team specialises in agriculture and understands the complexities of managing a farm. Your local agricultural business manager will provide ongoing support tailored to the needs of your business. We are here to help you:

  • find more rewarding ways to save and invest in your farm
  • get the funding you need to grow, modernise and diversify your business
  • access professional guidance on tax and inheritance
  • successfully plan for retirement and the succession of your farm
  • manage cashflow through slower months in the farming calendar.

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Long-term investments

Farming is often a lifelong business. And it makes sense for your off-farm investments to reflect your long-term goals. We'll help you plan for the future with an investment strategy tailored to the needs of you and your family.

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Personal banking

On family-run farms, the business and the home are intrinsically linked. We also provide a range of personal accounts so that each member of your family has the tools they need to manage their money effectively.

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Single farm payment hedging

Hedging your single farm payments can act as protection against a poor exchange rate.

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We offer a range of products and services specially designed to help your farming business succeed.

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